November 4, 2011
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: “Thank You, Governor Walker –An old Wisconsin boy is proud of youBy Lawrence W. Roberts

Dear Governor Walker:

Last February, you were under assault for delivering what you promised you would deliver in the course of your campaign for the office of Governor. Your campaign promises and platform had obviously resonated well with the majority of Wisconsin voters, as you were elected. And, admirably, you kept your word!Governor Walker, you are clearly a man of great courage, character and resolve. You have my admiration and respect, and I share your likely pain for what you have unfairly had to suffer for delivering to the will of the majority who elected you. What is it that some people cannot understand about accepting the will of the majority that shapes a civil society?

Last February I wrote you a letter of support; and now I am writing to say thank you on behalf of my grandchildren and their grandchildren to come, as they will surely benefit from your personal courage and integrity—-as will our great country.

Thank you for creating a national awareness and open civil discourse on the cumulative financial and human disaster created by selfish interests and politically driven excessive entitlements.

Thank you for giving parents pause to think about raising the values bar for their children, hopefully by example.

Thank you for holding forth the values of individual initiative and self reliance versus dependence on entitlements, the value of not spending money that you don’t have, and the value of self-disciplined thrift in achieving a desire versus impatiently seeking instant gratification.

Two Jammed Sycamore Ave. Intersections Discussed

Thank you for so courageously exhibiting the value of standing up to bullies in the minority who lost the election, who are only driven by their selfish interests, and having the courage to face such adversity when necessary in order to keep your word. Those bullies are still pursuing you with an unjustified vitriolic fervor to try to abort the will of the majority who elected you, but they are only digging a deeper hole for themselves—-not only in Wisconsin, but nationally—you have flushed them out into the public eye to be seen for what they are, and they can no longer hide!

And, thank you to your entire family for the sacrifices that they have surely made in giving you their support.

Lastly, Governor Walker, from a guy who is already 72 years old, I want you to KNOW that, come what may, when you are that age one day, you will be able to look at yourself in the eye in a mirror and be proud of your value system, what you stand for, and what you did for your fellow man. That is, after all, what a man’s life is all about—or not—and that later in life look in the mirror is the ultimate judge of how we have lived our lives!

God bless and good luck,

Proud Badger native Lawrence W. Roberts lives in Little Silver

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