Be Barow: Activewear Store with a Purpose

June 20, 2014
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Be Barow owner Phil Barow, right, with manager Meredith Koloski are ready to greet customers at the new Broad Street store.

Be Barow owner Phil Barow, right, with manager Meredith Koloski are ready to greet customers at the new Broad Street store.


By Hannah Eckstein

RED BANK – On the borough’s dynamic streets, there’s a new store, Be Barow, that is already drawing attention and making a name for itself.

However, it’s not just this company’s unique clothing designs that are causing a stir, but also its devotion to helping others and community outreach.

Aside from its unique name, this new fitness and activewear company stands out for its commitment to women’s empowerment and community building. Through partnering with unique philanthropic fitness brands, the Leon Hess Cancer Center and by offering in-store fitness classes, this store promises to make a difference, leaving its customers not only looking good, but feeling good as well.

Be Barow opened its doors at 66 Broad St. on Saturday, May 31. The store is the first location for the new company, which was started by owner Phil Barow. After meeting Australian-born fitness clothing designer Lorna Jane, Barow was inspired by her dedication to women’s empowerment, and leading others to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

With this inspiration, Barow started his own clothing company founded on these same values. After selling his clothing at yoga studios and events, Barow decided to open his store to further expand his growing company. Opening a store also provided the opportunity for in-store events hosted by local charities and fitness instructors, further promoting the store’s beneficent message.

What is so different about this active-wear store? In addition to  the unique designs and versatility of the clothing, what really sets this store apart is its mission.

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“Our mission in the store is one of service, community and gratitude. We want people to come in and feel good about shopping here,” said store manager Meredith Koloski, who is a New Jersey native and yoga instructor. “We are dedicated to empowering women, through our partnerships, the brands we choose, and our in-store events.”

One of these important partnerships is with The Women’s Council for the Leon Hess Cancer Center at Monmouth Medical Center. The store pledges to donate 1 percent of all annual profits to the organization and 10 percent of all proceeds from in-store events.

Be Barow also does good through local networking.

“We want to bring in local charities and fitness instructors to host events in the store throughout the day,” Koloski said. These events will include yoga, fitness and nutrition classes. “We want to get people moving, even if it’s just for 25 minutes a day.”

Outside of the store, Be Barow is focused on getting its customers moving and leading healthier lives through partnerships with fitness studios like EvenFlow yoga and Pure Barre in Red Bank. The store will hand out punch cards for fitness classes that can be redeemed for in-store discounts, sending shoppers on a “fitness-class scavenger hunt.” What better motivation to work out than the promise of shopping for new fitness wear?

Keeping in line with the mission of Be Barow, the brands sold at the store have their base in charity. For example, Po Campo, a vegan bag company sold at the store has pledged to donate a bicycle to a girl in Africa, for every 25 bags sold. Different brands in the store serve other causes, such as a yoga mat company, which donates a portion of its proceeds to ovarian cancer research.

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Be Barow also appeals to the eco-friendly, selling yoga leggings that consist of 80 percent recycled water bottles. Other brands sold in the store include Lorna Jane, Glyder Apparel, and B +A, and other companies linked through their messages of giving back.

With all of this charitable retail and community involvement, fitness lovers and humanitarians alike will find it hard to stay away from Be Barow, tempted by the opportunity to shop, improve their own health and pay it forward.


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