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Two River Moment

  During the early 1900s, the Little Silver Post Office was located at 56 Church St. and mail service was centered there until 1956 when the present post office was...

May 10, 2013 | comments

Post-Sandy: No Access, No Money

By Michele S. Byers It’s been six months since Super Storm Sandy pounded New Jersey, and summer is almost upon us. Towns up and down the coast are preparing for...

May 10, 2013 | comments

As Job Market Opens Up, Better Be Prepared

By Cathy G. Sutherland   We just may have turned the job market corner. There is a general feeling of positivity and confidence that hasn’t existed since early 2008. Not...

May 10, 2013 | comments

$14.5M Grant to CHOP Dream Team Ushers in Brain Cancer Awareness Month

By Kristen Gillette It’s been four years since the Oceanport-based Kortney Rose Foundation (KRF) successfully lobbied state legislators to designate May as Brain Tumor Awareness Month in New Jersey. Following...

May 10, 2013 | comments

Preserved Land Needed to Help Keep Clean Water

By Michele S. Byers If you looked for a list of the least exciting words in the English language, “infrastructure” would be near the top. Those four syllables can cure...

May 3, 2013 | comments