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Rumson Fair Haven Parents and Teachers Civilly Disagreed

I’ve covered board of education meetings where feelings ran high and emotions ran even higher. I’ve seen parents throw books at board members; ignore rules, disregard time constraints. I’ve seen...

October 30, 2015 | comments

FEMA: $6.8 B For NJ Sandy Recovery in NJ

EATONTOWN — In the three years since Hurricane Sandy scored a direct hit on New Jersey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been actively engaged in the recovery effort, providing...

October 30, 2015 | comments

Every Vote Counts

If you are unhappy with the status quo in politics, Tuesday is your opportunity to change it. If you support your officials, don’t take them for granted. A low, if...

October 30, 2015 | comments

Young Children with Autism Need Specialized Services

Dear Editor: Research has shown that access to high-quality early education makes a lifetime of difference in the lives of children, especially those with disabilities. This fall, the U.S. Department...

October 25, 2015 | comments

Protecting the Health of Our Mid-Atlantic Ocean

By the American Littoral Society Everyone needs healthy oceans. But, we don’t always have them because of chronic pollution and increasing demands to industrialize the ocean. Our fisheries, in particular...

October 25, 2015 | comments