Center for Healing Arts Celebrates Return to Red Bank

November 17, 2011
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Carol I. Veizer

On Friday, Nov. 18, the Center for the Healing Arts will mark its return to Red Bank with an Open House celebration in its new offices at 248 Broad St. in Red Bank.
The Center was located in Fair Haven for several years before returning to its roots in Red Bank in September.
In 1989, counselor and psychotherapist Carol L. Veizer established the Center for the Healing Arts with the mission of delivering a new kind of mental health care based on her conviction that health and mental health are not separate.
From the beginning, the Center incorporated traditional counseling and psychotherapy practice with emerging evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine. The intent has always been to treat the whole person, respecting the interrelationships between body and mind, heart and soul, health and mental health.
A key component of the Center’s approach to mental health care is the incorporation of creative expression into the healing journey.
For several years, the Center hosted an annual “Art of Healing” exhibit featuring works by clients of the Center and the larger community as well. There are plans to bring back many of the traditions that helped to grow the Center into what it is today.
The Center also hosts an annual concert, frequently featuring the four-woman folk, blues group, Queen of Hearts. These concerts and other events are offered in an effort to build community and to empower people to be passionate about the process of healing.
For over 20 years Veizer and her colleagues at the Center have had the pleasure of participating in the healing journeys of thousands of two river residents and look forward to many more years of serving the community from their new offices in Red Bank.
The wisdom of the philosophy pioneered by the Center more than 20 years ago is now acknowledged around the globe, and Veizer herself is an internationally recognized leader in the field of integrative mental healthcare. Veizer is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Network of Mental Health and a frequent speaker on integrative mental health issues around the nation.
Center Director Veizer and Assistant Director Kyra A. Becker, MSW, LCSW, BCD, will be on hand to welcome former clients and friends, meet members of the community and celebrate the Center’s return to Red Bank from its former offices in Fair Haven.
The event, which is open to all, will offer the public a chance to take an inside look at the Center for the Healing Arts, ask questions about upcoming workshops and events, and learn more about the Center’s mission and philosophy.
“This Open House is a relocation celebration,” says Veizer. Most of my staff and our associates will be present to talk about the exciting collaboration between mental healthcare and complementary and alternative medicine. Years ago, the marriage of these disciplines seemed so far away. Now, we feel privileged to be recognized as leaders in this new field of integrative mental health.”
The Open House is a chance to learn about the many modalities of healing offered at the Center, to pick up a schedule of events, and celebrate our homecoming to Red Bank.

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