Corzine’s Billions: It’s there someplace!

December 16, 2011
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To The Editor:


When New Jersey’s former governor, and more recently CEO of MF Global, Jon Corzine,  was informed that $1-billion was reportedly missing from customer accounts, he said, “I’m stunned”. I know that exact feeling. I lose things all the time. It’s so  important not to panic. He should ask himself when/where did he last see the $1-billion? Has he looked under the bed, under the seat of his car, in that slot between the two front seats? Has he look in all his pockets, even pockets of clothes he’s sure he hasn’t worn for ages? Has he looked in that wide top drawer of his desk, behind the stamps and the Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupons? Has he looked behind the washing machine and, believe it or not even IN the washing machine after the spin/dry cycle.  I quite often find money there.It’s wet but the ink doesn’t run and once I dry it out, it’s totally negotiable.  Don’t give up, Mr Corzine. It’s there someplace. Just keep looking! Good luck and all the best!


Linda Stewart



***ITALSLinda Stewart writes the “Let’s Go” travel column for the Two River Times**ENDTALS



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