Don’t Worry About Gingrich

January 6, 2012
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To The Editor:

Jude R. Florio (12-09-11 TRT) says “Sorry, Mr. President” but we need somebody new(t). We need someone who has the ability to keep both sides of the Capitol aisle humming. Yes, Barack Obama should not have been perplexed over the record number of GOP filibusters and their refusal to accept a five trillion dollar entitlement cut (which would have resulted in permanent dislocation of half of Obama’s voting base), so that the government would not shut down. Yes, Newt Gingrich has the “inside experience”! (he *did* shut the thing down way back when). Don’t let 84 Ethics Violations charges or his prospecting for a consulting fee to “coincide” with his bill for damages, throw you off. His level headedness recently reared its’ royal head when he pointed out racially charged text in old Ron Paul newsletters. When Newt said that Barack is bound to behave as a “Kenyan anti-Colonialist”, there was not the slightest hint of bias! He’s a “Reagan man”…who will *not* raise taxes 11 times or plan a trip to Bitburg Cemetery in Germany. Mr. Florio is further outraged at the high unemployment and Woodstock-revisited protestors. Don’t worry about Gingrich – he’ll do the right thing – the “Right” thing – and help to keep unemployment as high as possible until he can swoop in and win the election in November, 2012. Although I’m concerned that if the Supreme Court once again stops a recount, but this time decides the Democrat should be President, will Gingrich urge the Attorney General to send in the Marshalls?
Phil Silverman
Laguna Woods, California

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