Fair Haven Tree Ordinance And Property Rights

March 16, 2012
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To The Editor:

An open letter to the mayor and council 

I find it hard to understand why, if I want to cut down a tree on my own property, I must seek permission from a flock of bureaucrats. Did you people really read this dictum you are proposing to enslave us with?

First I get to fill out a lengthy invasive application costing between $25. and $150

Trees are to be measured at breast height. Who is the genius responsible for that gem?Significant specimen trees are defined each year by underworked and overpaid government gnomes in the county and state environmental pollution agencies. Am I responsible to know this stuff before contemplating the tree take-down?

Hire a licensed tree expert to evaluate the tree? This means I get to pay an expert to disagree with me about cutting down my tree on my property.

Draw maps and diagrams of my property? Why do this when it’s got to be inspected by the Fair Haven “Code Police” Enforcement Officer?You want the name and address of tree removal company, like it’s any of your business. I had planned on renting a chain saw and inviting a few sturdy friends over for a tree-cutting festival.

The judgment of worthiness of tree is to be made by Fair Haven Code Police Enforcement Officer? Is this person also a licensed tree expert that I can hire? How do you think the tree is going to feel if this person judges it to be unworthy?  This could cause a “tree trauma” infection throughout all of Fair Haven and perhaps the whole world.May I suggest you surprise your collective minds and ***ITALSthink**ENDTALS about this. Please try and limit your environmental noses to your own property and ***TALSLeave mine alone!**ENDTALS

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Barry Caulfield

Fair Haven

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