Lottery Winners Claim Their Prize

March 26, 2012
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The Tamburello Family of Tinton Falls traveled to Trenton on Monday to claim their $70 million price in the Powerball lottery.

TRENTON – The NJ Lottery introduced the states newest multimillionaires on Monday when Tinton Falls residents Joseph and Celeste Tamburello claimed their $70 million prize from the March 21 POWERBALL game draw.

The Tamburellos did not know that they had the winning ticket until Friday evening. Joseph was on the phone with his sister when she asked if he knew that the POWERBALL winning ticket had been purchased at their local pharmacy, Little Silver Family Pharmacy. “I had no idea about where the winning ticket came from until my sister told me. That’s where I always buy my lottery tickets,” recalls Joseph.  Immediately Celeste went online to look up the winning numbers. She read the numbers off  to her husband one at a time.  With each number Joseph became more and more excited until he “jumped out of his seat like his butt was on fire asking what the Powerball number is,” recalls Celeste. Shocked and thrilled that they were holding the winning ticket, Celeste says, “I am going to trade in my creampuff Saturn for a brand new Cadillac!”  Joseph is looking forward, “to taking an amazing cruise vacation with my wife.”

“Congratulations to these fortunate lottery players who purchased the winning ticket and to the retailer who sold it,” said the Lottery’s Executive Director Carole Hedinger. “For selling this $70 million ticket, the retailer has become another of the Lottery’s ‘lucky locations’ overnight.”In addition to the Garden State’s jackpot winner, 20,545 other New Jersey players took home $115,960 in prizes ranging from $4 to $200, according to Hedinger.The winning numbers for the Wednesday, March 21 drawing were: 32, 43, 53, 55, and 56.  The Red POWERBALL number was 06.  The POWERBALL jackpot will reset to $40,000,000 for the next drawing to be held Saturday, March 24 at 11 p.m..  Watch live drawings on the New Jersey Lottery’s website ( or on the NJ Lottery’s official Facebook Page.

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