Lt. Governor’s Father Dies In Virginia

April 27, 2012
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By John Burton

Lieutenant Gover­nor Kim Gua­dagno’s father died this week after a long struggle with cancer.

Charles A. (Chuck) McFadden Jr., 79, succumbed Monday to prostate cancer, according to the obituary provided by the Virginia Beach, Va., funeral home handling the family’s arrangements.

McFadden, who had been living in Virginia Beach and was born and raised in Denver, Colo., had had a long career in broadcasting, going back to 1952, when he was still in college, working as a floor director for a local Omaha, Neb., television station.

During his career, McFadden worked on the early syndicated Phil Donahue Show, when that was being taped in Dayton, Ohio. He would go on to work in television management, joining the TVX Corporation, at the time the largest group of independently owned stations in the country. Later he owned a station, WSYT-TV, in Syracuse, N.Y. After selling the station, McFadden joined Media Max II in Virginia Beach where he was a senior partner and consultant, positions he held until his death.

McFadden served in the U.S. Army, with the 82nd Airborne Division and Special Forces.

Guadagno is one of six children (one of whom died at birth), of McFadden and his wife of 57 years, Patricia.

Guadagno, who lives in Monmouth Beach, was a federal prosecutor and had been Monmouth County Sheriff when then-Republican candidate and now Gov. Chris Christie asked her in 2009 to join the ticket. Guadagno is the state’s first lieutenant governor.

State Senator Joseph M. Kyrillos Jr., (R-13), this week recalled meeting McFadden when Guadagno’s husband, Michael, was sworn in as a state Superior Court judge some years back. “He was a big, strapping, handsome man,” Kyrillos recalled, “who built a very successful business and, obviously, raised a terrific family.”

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Kyrillos talked to Guadagno on Monday as she was leaving for Virginia. “Her dad had a tough, tough battle with cancer,” he said.

“Kim not only treasured him but really looked up to him,” state Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) said.

“My sympathies go out to the family,” Beck said Wednesday, knowing, “their love and strength will help them through this difficult time.”

Christie issued a statement Monday, noting, “Dealing with the loss of a parent is beyond difficult.

“Chuck’s was a life of service to his country, a career in broadcasting and media, and most importantly, as a loving family man who shared his values of service and community,” Christie said.

A memorial mass was scheduled for Thursday morning in Virginia Beach.

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