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October 20, 2011
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A Fair Haven mom uses her high fashion background to start a stylish new business

Vicki Cohen of Fair Haven wants to revamp your wardrobe. In fact, she’s dubbed herself the “Style Hunter” and has started a business doing just that—editing closets, and then hunting for the perfect pieces to put back in.

You may feel inclined to call her the Stacy London—the sharp tongued host of TLC’s What Not to Wear

A Fair Haven Mom uses her high fashion background to start a stylish business.

of the Two Rivers, only this mother of two edits your closet with more compassion than critique. “I help women define their personal style and eliminate the stress of what to wear so they feel their most confident every time they walk out the door,” says Cohen of the business she started nearly a year ago. “It’s for the woman who needs help finding the right pieces for her wardrobe and pulling it all together. I provide them with the wardrobe they’ve always wanted.”

Cohen concepted the idea for Style Hunter after several of her friends sought her fashion advice for different social events. “They would ask me to come over and help them pick out an outfit, from the shirt to the shoes,” she says. “I realized while sifting through their closets that they were missing a lot of key pieces and holding on to items that they just didn’t need anymore. It dawned on me that if my friends need help, there must be other women out there who are also struggling—women who have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear.”

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One may think Cohen’s fashion prowess has much to do with her own sense of style—she’s the woman at the grocery store checkout whose effortlessly chic style you envy and wish was your own. But it’s her impressive professional experience at some of fashion’s most prestigious labels that truly legitimizes her newfound career choice. Her resume reads like Anna Wintour’s fashion week itinerary: Ralph Lauren, where she helped launch the American designers Purple Label and Etro, the esteemed Italian design house best known for their colorful prints, as well as Alberta Ferretti, Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe, where she often organized and managed the brand’s high profile runway shows.

Surrounded by a world of luxury has certainly refined Cohen’s style. “You can’t help but be influenced by where you work. I really learned to appreciate a well made garment and trained my eye for the right shades of colors and fabrics.” And while she has an appreciation for the finer things, she certainly has an eye for a bargain. Cohen can spot a gem in the middle of packed rack at Marshalls, or pull together an elegant black tie ensemble at H&M—from dress to accessories. “I shop based on your budget. I can find a great bargain anywhere,” she says.

Before Cohen edits a closet, she does a full style analysis to determine a client’s personal taste, which includes a thorough lifestyle questionnaire. Based on this, she recommends tossing items that are overly worn, out of date or simply unflattering, then coordinates outfits with what’s left and suggests new items to buy—from a pair of figure-flattering jeans and a fitted blazer to the perfect cocktail dress. “I feel there are a few staples that every great wardrobe needs regardless of the client’s personal style; those timeless, go-to pieces that make you ready for anything. A good foundation is key, then you can sprinkle in a few of-the-moment trends,” says Cohen, who will shop with you or for you, and always ensures each and every piece is a perfect fit.

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Sharon Smith, who lives locally, was one of Cohen’s first clients. “Vicki first came over and helped me go through my things, purging clothes I had for way too many years. She noted certain basics that I was missing, and then the next time we met she brought me a few new things to work with my existing clothes. It was such a great time saver and I loved her choices,” she says.

Now Smith says she’s happy with the way she looks and feels much more confident—not to mention stylish—when she walks out the door. “Before I worked with Vicki, most of my clothes were white, gray and black. She helped me discover color and branch out and try different styles. I’ve gotten many compliments on the outfits she’s put together, some of which already existed in my closet, but I just wasn’t able to see them.”

Seeing clients in the outfits she’s pulled together is Cohen’s biggest reward. “I spot my clients around town wearing the looks I coordinated for them and it makes me feel great because it means they’re truly pleased with what I’ve done,” she says.

Want Cohen to edit your closet? Contact her through Facebook: Style Hunter (Fair Haven).

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