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June 21, 2013
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By Glen Goldbaum

Cut, Color, Conditioning Important to Hair Care


What comes to mind when you think of male grooming? And keep your mind out of the gutter! The male market in the beauty industry is the fastest growing market.

Men are now taking the time to primp because they care about how they look. Image is extremely important in the world today as it can make or break some careers.

Let’s start with the cut; it is extremely important to keep your look current and right now the retro look is in! I have taken inspiration for some of my clients from Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men.

Style-Goldbaum-retro men's cutLet your stylist know that you want a longer disconnected top, and it helps to bring in pictures of hairstyles! Long, textured hair is also back in – just check out Bradley Cooper or Johnny Depp. However, when deciding on a style, take into consideration both your lifestyle and work environment. Longer textured hair is a bit more time consuming than a shorter retro style and may not be acceptable in a professional setting.

Men have more options now with hair color. For subtle gray coverage, we have what’s called a shine or glaze depending on the terminology that your salon uses. The shine will not create a root and it fades out of the hair, lasting about four to six weeks. Don’t be afraid to ask for highlights! Balayage, which is a painted on highlight, has a natural look and will grow out as if it had been colored by the sun.

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A good rule of thumb is to get your hair cut every three to four weeks depending on your hair growth. Most salons will do a complimentary cleanup in between your haircuts, where they will shave your neckline and trim around your ears. Try to schedule both your haircut and cleanup together.

For those men with unruly, frizzy hair, there are Keratin and smoothing treatments available. The process may take an hour or so but the results are well worth it. The treatments can last up to eight weeks and keep your hair under control.

The world has evolved since the invention of hair gel. There are products out there that can help you achieve any look you want, be it soft and subtle or tight and textured. My favorite line, Kevin Murphy, offers a product called Nightrider, a matte firm hold paste, and Undressed, which gives you a tousled look with medium hold. And the most misconstrued rule of all – men should use conditioner! Maybe not with every shampoo but definitely once or twice a week! Not only does it help your hair but it also helps your scalp!

Thank you for reading my article and I hope that I may have opened you up to some new ideas or products! It’s been amazing and I hope to see you on the Westside!

As we say in my salon, Don’t be boring. It’s only hair! Until next time…


Glen Goldbaum is the owner of Glen Goldbaum 72 at 72 Bridge Ave., and Glen Goldbaum’s Lambs & Wolves Den of Beauty, 66D Bridge Ave, both in Red Bank.

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