Notes From A Stylist: Glen Goldbaum gives hair advice—from trends to treatments

October 24, 2011
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Two River Times:  What are the fall hair trends?

Glen Goldbaum: Textured bobs with swingy bangs, dramatic side parts and full, glamorous Bridget Bardot type of hair. Think texture and sexy bed head.

TRT:  Any post-summer hair rehab tips?

GG: Shine treatments are a perfect pick-me-up to enhance color and make hair shimmer. We do a few at the salon, which are a mixture of different conditioners. Also, a good Moroccan Oil treatment will condition your hair back to life.

TRT: What are the secrets to healthy hair?

GG: It’s coming in for a haircut every six to eight weeks to remove weight, maintain its shape, clean up the ends and keep hair looking gorgeous and healthy.

TRT: At what age is long hair too long?

GG: With the way life is now, the old way of thinking [going short because you’re of a certain age] doesn’t apply. If it looks great, keep it.

TRT: Winter looms. Any good tips for fighting hair-raising static?

GG: My favorite product is the Kevin Murphy Bodyguard, which is a leave in moisturizer, similar to a skin moisturizer. It’s very light and controls static, and is such an amazing product.

TRT: If you can’t make it to your colorist for a few more weeks, any tips on disguising roots until your next appointment?

GG: Change your part or even how you style your hair.



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