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Recent Obituaries

December 14th

Chapin, F. Don, Age: 92, Highlands
Croker, Leci (McAbee), Age: 79, Wall
Cronin, Kathryn Ann “Kay”, Age: 87, Hazlet
D’Adamo, Donna, Age: 65, Keansburg
DeWyngaert, Dylan, Age: 31, Little Silver
Fitzpatrick, Neil Jerome, Age: 81, Matawan
Lau, D.D.S., William A., Age: 67, Lincroft
McGee, Patrick E., Age: 61, Middletown
Robinson, Daniel George, Age: 26, Tinton Falls

December 7th

Cahill, June (Walling), Age: 89, Middletown
Cummins, Ruth D., Age: 88, Middletown
Fox, Jane, Age: 60, Delray Beach, Florida
Hutnick, Thomas A., Age: 64, Red Bank
Lowing, Marilyn Ann, Age: 83, Sparta, Michigan
Lynch, Kathleen, Age: 58, Highlands
O’Neill, Lois M., Age: 78, Middletown
Orlando, John, Age: 93, Shrewsbury
Schmidt, Janet Sinclair, Age: 99, Red Bank
Standley, Patricia Ann, Age: 84, Red Bank

November 30th

Boyd, Mary Alyce Detrick, Age: 96, Shrewsbury
Butler, Molly, Age: 94, Navesink
Farrell, Jacqueline Barbara, Age: 72, Red Bank
Jacobs, Philip L., Age: 96, Rumson
Karinja, Dolores, Age: 87, Rumson
Mahon, Thomas J., Age: 85, Shrewsbury
Reichman, Meir, Age: 86, Iasi, Romania
Ryerson Jr., Robert E., Age: 93, Red Bank
Sanfilippo, Elena T., Age: 103, Colts Neck
Seuffert, Jacqueline Ann, Age: 92, Shrewsbury

November 23rd

Dillon, David D. and Phyllis A.
Forrest Jr., Edwin Arnold, Age: 85, Shrewsbury
Kramer, John E., Age: 91, Middletown
Murray, Dorothy A., Age: 83, Middletown
Splain, Jacqueline, Age: 70, Belford
Summonte, Dante L., Age: 92, Little Silver
Sustick, Lillian Bag, Age: 94, Tinton Falls
Torpey, Master Michael J., Age: 97, Lakewood

November 16th

Bradley, Sr., Bruce A., Age: 84, Monmouth Beach
Brokaw, Chloe Lambert, Age: 78, Oceanport
Campanella, Alfred
Ciccone, Esther Johanna, Age: 89, Monmouth Beach
Ferraro, Ralph W., Age: 79, Red Bank
Flynn, Joseph, Age: 82, Holmdel
Frank, Doris, Shrewsbury
Malley, John, Age: 80, Oceanport
McKechnie, Alexandria M., Age: 61, Middletown

November 9th

Adubato, Joseph T., Age: 94, Port Monmouth
Dorment Jr., James Francis, Age: 85, Rumson
Erskine, Ernest, Age: 70, Holmdel
Frank, Doris, Shrewsbury
Greco, Anna, Age: 94, Manalapan
Green, Lillian V., Age: 95, Red Bank
McKechnie, Alexandra M., Age: 61, Middletown
Nagel Jr., William E., Age: 98, Middletown
O’Malley, Dr. James A., Age: 86, Little Silver
Wingerter, Barbara O., Age: 90, Red Bank

November 2nd

Antenucci, Margaret A., Middletown
Croken, Edward John, Age: 87, Middletown
Douglas, Edna M. Frost, Red Bank
Duncan, Evelyn E., Age: 101, Leonardo
Flaherty, Adelaide, Age: 93, Red Bank
Herbert, Elizabeth Kingston, Age: 93, Red Bank
Nagel Jr., William E., Age: 98, Middletown
O’Malley, Dr. James A., Age: 86, Little Silver
Welsh, John J., Age: 77, Red Bank

October 26th

D’Alotto, Angela L., Age: 86, Lakewood
Bliss, Thelora, Age: 99, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Ferrone, Luke A., Age: 84, Shrewsbury
Ilaria, Thomas J., Age: 82, Neptune City
Nigro, Salvatore, Age: 81, Middletown
Noglows, Paul William, Age: 93, Little Silver
Pomposelli, JoAnn, Age: 71, Tinton Falls
Staufenberg Sr., Robert F., Middletown
Tobias, Jennifer Lynn, Age: 63, Little Silver
Weber, Louise A., Age: 83, Keansburg

October 19th

Greca, Pauline, Age: 96, West Long Branch
Jarck, Jr., Peter Carl, Age: 16, Rumson
Kaiser, Janet Esposito, Rumson
Middleton, Nancy Eugenia Matthews, Columbus, Georgia
Mooney, Abby Litwin, Age: 56, Little Silver
O’Gorman, Katherine, Age: 90, Rumson
Pisani, Raffaele, Age: 88, Rowland, Pennsylvania
Scholz, Phyllis B., Middletown
Stafford, Frances T. McCrink, Age: 90, Highlands
White, Alice E., Age: 63, Red Bank

October 12th

Anthony, Lucille P., Age: 96, Atlantic Highlands
Bao, Marta L., Age: 79, Little Silver
Cavaliere, Nancy P., Age: 55, Colts Neck
Cook, Carl, Holmdel
DeGeorge, Angela A., Age: 95, Fair Haven
Eelman, Robert Edwin, Age: 81, Fair Haven
Fox, Roberta O., Age: 96, Rumson
Lynch, Sandra L., Age: 69, Middletown
Tufano, Joseph, Age: 76, Middletown
Walling, James Peter, Age: 62, Red Bank

October 5th

Bacigalupi, Marie Josephine, Age: 94, Little Silver
Brenner, Maria T., Age: 86, Red Bank
Choma Jr., John R., Age: 35, Fair Haven
Hopfensperger, Kenneth M., Age: 62, Leonardo
Kohl Sr., William A., Lincroft
Lisa, Michael W., Age: 68, Belmar
Holford, Catherine E., Age: 84, Trenton
Quill, Timothy Joseph, Age: 54, Rumson
Steelman, George H., Age: 68, Red Bank
Weiant, William Morrow, Age: 78, Middletown

September 28th

Emmons, Carlotta Niles, Age: 84, Red Bank
Feldmann, Bradford, Age: 55, Fair Haven
Mohan, Thomas, Age: 82, Oceanport
Roberts, Lawrence W., Age: 78, Little Silver
Rumph, Christopher Charles, Age: 65, Tinton Falls
Sanders, Joan Mary, Age: 63, Rumson
White, Kathrine Anne Rowett, Age: 56, Rumson
Wilcox Sr., Russell E., Age: 83, Belford

September 21st

Alexander, Dorothy Eileen, Age: 84, Colts Neck
Anderson, Barbara M., Age: 83, Shrewsbury
Beckwith, Marylyn, Age: 100, Locust
Brock, Richard Dale, Age: 70, Fair Haven
Brown, Evelyn Eva, Oceanport
Hilliard, Allen G., Age: 82, Atlantic Highlands
Kuritz, Sally J., Age: 76, Atlantic Highlands
Manley, Mary Mitcham, Age: 92, Fair Haven
Schanck Sr., Ronald Smith, Age: 81, Fair Haven
Testa Jr., Joseph R., Age: 48, Middletown
Tuttle, Roger D., Age: 93, Holmdel
Waldman, Paul, Age: 63, Oceanport

September 14th

Batting, Susan Clapp, Age: 77, Rumson
Bogart, Jeffrey F., Age: 43, Red Bank
Deakin, Maureen, Age: 78, Atlantic Highlands
de Lamos, Peter, Age: 78, Budapest, Hungary
Ellis, Eleanor A., Age: 101, Red Bank
Hartung, Teena, Age: 92, Rumson
Smith, Joseph J., Age: 68, Holmdel
Torjussen, Karl T., Age: 83, Middletown
Tuttle Roger D., Age: 93, Holmdel

September 7th

Dixon Sr., William E., Age: 76, Sea Bright
Kesselman, Warren A., Age: 90, Tinton Falls
Mangarelli, Edith I., Age: 98, Red Bank
Nance, Mary J., Age: 84, Middletown
Schlosser, Charlotte, Age: 82, Fair Haven
Strong, Mary Louise Lyon, Age: 86, Little Silver
Weisman, Richard C., Age: 92, Sea Bright

August 31st

Colella, Donato, Age: 79, Middletown
DiCicco, Lydia, Age: 93, Middletown
Foulks Sr., Douglas F., Age: 94, Keansburg
Fuschetti, Vincent James, Age: 86, Rumson
Knapp, Robert C., Age: 79, Middletown
Leonessa, Emanuel, Age: 66, Hazlet
McCarthy, Joseph M., Middletown
Moran, Michael John, Age: 38, Middletown
Rothenberg, Judith Iris, Age: 81, Rumson

August 24th

Arnella, Benedict M., Age: 83, Colts Neck
Behan, Maeve Annette, Little Silver
Boyer, William James, Age: 27, Red Bank
Connell, Rose, Age: 95, Highlands
Cretello Jr., Anthony R., Age: 80, Oceanport
Crowell, David N., Age: 78, Fair Haven
Germain, Joan Fullerton, Age: 85, Shrewsbury
Grossmann, Dorothy R., Age: 89, Red Bank
Kern, Robert T., Age: 89, Little Silver
Madden, John R., Age: 72, Shrewsbury

August 17th

Conrad, Dorothy H., Age: 87, Middletown
Crowell, David N., Age: 78, Fair Haven
Duguay, Karen Ann Falk, Age: 78, Fair Haven
Keator, Dolores M., Age: 85, Middletown
Klimovich, John, Age: 43, Middletown
Matz, Natalie, Age: 97, Colts Neck
Maxson Jr., Walter C., Age: 58, Highlands
O’Brien, Beatrice M., Age: 92, Middletown
Parr, Barbara Holters, Age: 79, Rumson
Spaulding, Andrew K., Age: 48, Fair Haven
Wichmann, Sara McCue, Age: 89, Long Branch

August 10th

Clayton, Jane G., Age: 89, Middletown
Delnero, Frank W., Age: 83, Middletown
Eyres, William J., Age: 81, Colts Neck
Foderaro, Jane, Age: 84, Red Bank
Hall, Joan Marie Fissell, Newark
Johnson Sr., Richard William, Age: 78, Shrewsbury
Moriarty, Michelle R., Age: 50, Shrewsbury
Ross, Anne P., Age: 95, Atlantic Highlands
Smith, Larrabee, Age: 90, Holmdel

August 3rd

Dankertsen, Ethel, Middletown
Dellapietro, Sandra M., Age: 96, Red Bank
Fragale, Helen P., Age: 69, Red Bank
Gormley, John F., Age: 70, Staten Island
Hegel, John M., Age: 60, Port Monmouth
Hickey, Anna V., Age: 101, Lincroft
Murphy, Ruth A., Age: 88, Hazlet
Pimentel, Angela M., Age: 67, Tinton Falls
Puglisi Sr., Frank, Age: 90, Middletown
Valese Sr., Philip E., Age: 89, Middletown
Young, Alvera, Age: 73, Hazlet

July 27th

Baird, Evelyn, Age: 83, Hazlet
Baldassare, Cpl. Daniel I., Age: 20, Colts Neck
Ellwood, Alexander Lathrop, Age: 49, Rumson
Frable, Edward T., Age: 90, Middletown
Jakubecy Jr., William R., Age: 32, Fair Haven
Lewit Sr., Robert H., Age: 78, Little Silver
Lucey, John H., Bronx, New York
MacNeill, David Holton, Age: 69, Shrewsbury

July 20th

Bergen, William C., Age: 73, Red Bank
Figaro, John Richard, Red Bank
Gunther, Ann M., Age: 70, Eatontown
Leather, Kathleen Kennedy, Age: 74, Middletown
McGrory, Barbara A., Age: 86, Middletown
Knopf, Sonia, Age: 95, Romania
Rabelo, Marlene Barbosa, Age: 70, Long Branch
Sica, Sandra Ester, Monmouth County
Van Glahn, Madeline Seifert, Middletown

July 13th

Buckley, Connie, Age: 84, Holmdel
Forsyth, James Wilson, Age: 89, Little Silver
Gerding, Beverly Starnes, Age: 84, Georgetown, Texas
Horlacher, Robert L., Age: 86, Middletown
Iarussi, Jordan Anthony, Age: 25, Rumson
Kelly, Richard V., Age: 89, Tinton Falls
Norton, Patricia, Age: 87, Locust
Woodward Jr., Charles K., Age: 85, Red Bank

July 6th

Boyd, Benjamin A., Age: 85, Fair Haven
Card, John Andrew, Age: 67, Highlands
Dudak, Bernice, Age: 95, Ocean Grove
Herrschaft, Cindy Ann, Age: 45, Eatontown
Mellaci, Anita Muzzi, Age: 98, Red Bank
Maurice, Margaret, Age: 83, Middletown
O’Connor, John E., Age: 78, Little Silver
Phillips, Samuel K., Age: 82, Eatontown
Weickel, Anne, Age: 91, Middletown
Zwolinkski, Barbara Gloria, Age: 85, Colts Neck

June 29th

Clime, Charlotte, Age: 79, Colts Neck
Colligas, John, Age: 103, Holmdel
DiPiero, Margaret Cosentino, Age: 63, Lakewood
Geffken, Mary V., Age: 96, Monmouth County
Kowitski, Joan, Age: 79, Oceanport
Lindsay, David, Age: 84, Colts Neck
Schwebel, Joan Charles, Leonardo
Scinto, Patrick J., Age: 97, Middletown

June 22nd

Adair, David Christopher, Age: 46, Highlands
Baldo, Lila, Age: 81, Hazlet
Balestracci, Alfred, Age: 96, Holmdel
Bryson, JoAnn L., Age: 79, Hazlet
Costabile Jr., Arthur, Age: 75, Hazlet
Eremich, Albert C., Age: 91, Red Bank
Flatley, Christina Rose, Age: 90, Middletown
Frankel, Mayor Joe, Asbury Park
Kendrick, Glenn R., Age: 81, Port Monmouth
Pascarella, Stephen Mark, Age: 61, Hazlet

June 15th

Berger, Carole Susan, Age: 74, Keansburg
DiMaio, Daniel, Age: 25, Lincroft
Dondero, Elizabeth M., Age: 92, Holmdel
Grover, Patricia A., Age: 77, Jackson
Harper, Mai Duane, Age: 93, New York City
Jacobs, Vivian C., Age: 87, Middletown
Kolarsick, Clara S., Age: 95, Oceanport
Liberi, Tracey Georgia, Age: 55, Fair Haven
Micale, M.D., Anthony J., Age: 82, Holmdel
Smith, Todd Andresen, Age: 90, Middletown

June 8th

Balestracci, Alfred, Age: 96, Holmdel
Brace, Marilyn Lessly, Age: 82, Manasquan
Devlin, Catherine A., Age: 95, Tinton Falls
Dunn, Pat, Age: 65, Port Monmouth
Hutzley, John Clifford, Red Bank
Kerrigan, Muriel M., Age: 81, Middletown
King, Henry E., Age: 89, Middletown
Lynch Jr., Lawrence, Age: 61, Shrewsbury
Woodard, Stephen C., Age: 71, Shrewsbury

June 1st

Binaco, Philip, Age: 86, Tinton Falls
Butler, Julia F., Age: 84, Hazlet
Drummond, Suzanne Chamberlain, Sea Bright
Germane, Frances, Age: 88, Red Bank
Green, Kenneth Ray, Age: 80, Leonardo
Keale, Mary Elizabeth, Age: 90, Little Silver
Powers, Janice Marie, Age: 67, West Allenhurst
Ryan, Thomas Joseph, Age: 68, Port Monmouth
Toth, Stephen W., Age: 87, Middletown
Wieczerzak, Kenneth, Age: 54, Neptune

May 25th

Amodio III, Alexander, Age: 22, Red Bank
Boudakian, Florence, Age: 72, Leonardo
Burden, Charlie E., Age: 75, Red Bank
Cash Sr., John L., Age: 66, Red Bank
Cowie, Jr., John P., Age: 62, Middletown
Fox, Dr. Howard A., Age: 84, Shrewsbury
Izzo Jr., Peter J., Age: 73, Red Bank
Jardine, Rita, Age: 93, Red Bank
Nordstrom, Vera L., Age: 94, Holmdel
Pyle, Sharon, Age: 65, Atlantic Highlands
Schulz, Joan D., Age: 75, Monmouth Beach

May 18th

Alfano, Alfonso A., Age: 78, Middletown
Balog, Mr. Edward, Age: 92, Leonardo
Conroy, William, Middletown
Daily, Donald Lynn, Age: 64, Red Bank
Ennis, Lena, Age: 93, Hazlet
Hutzley, John Clifford, Red Bank
Ilarraza, Maria I., Age: 62, Lincroft
Ledder, Karen, Age: 69, Highlands
Manrodt, Donald H., Age: 83, Highlands
Monachello, Patricia, Age: 84, Lincroft
Scott, Arthur Everett, Passaic
Stryker, Virginia M., Age: 79, Keyport
Updike, Bernard, Age: 85, Hazlet

May 11th

Acerra, Maureen, Age: 59, Lincroft
Curchin, Kenneth Hayden, Age: 100, Fair Haven
Douglas, Herbert, Melvin, Age: 68, Red Bank
Maneri, Vincent James, Age: 89, Holmdel
Robinson, Abbie, Age: 95, Colts Neck
Sinopoli, Matthew Lawrence, Age: 24, Rumson
Weber, Jeanette Schau, Age: 93, Atlantic Highlands

May 4th

Collum-Glassman, Jennifer, Age: 45, Rumson
Doherty, Doris A., Age: 84, Red Bank
Harris, Dr. Robert H., Age: 70, Holmdel
Jetter, Magnolia Edwards, Age: 102, Red Bank
Kennedy, John P., Age: 81, Oceanport
Killeen, Alice Marie, Age: 96, Middletown
Lawrence, Herbert T., Age: 79, Middletown
Schmittler, Francis X., Age: 89, Hazlet
Siciliano, Emilia M., Age: 90, Shrewsbury

April 27th

Abels, Ann Mary V. Santilli, Age: 55, Jersey City
Dooley III, James J., Age: 37, Lincroft
Foster, Robert, Age: 77, Hazlet
McBride, Harold F., Age: 76, Red Bank
Orme, Susan, Age: 63, Long Branch
Palovcak, Raymond M., Age: 72, Elizabeth
Pomphrey, Edwin Austin, Age: 29, Rumson
Rich, Jeanne H., Age: 94, Fair Haven
Rose, Jeffrey Thomas, Age: 53, Greenwich, Connecticut
Ross, Patricia Gearty, Age: 54, Long Branch
Spencer, Ruth, Atlantic Highlands
Steven, Ghislaine, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

April 20th

Fitzpatrick, Arthur G., Age: 91, Shrewsbury
Flaherty, Jr., Thomas A., Age: 98, Tinton Falls
Granato, Louis J., Age: 76, Hazlet
Heller, Lynne Katherine, Age: 55, Oakland, California
Hunsberger, Catherine M., Age: 67, Lincroft
Kuntz, Carmen M., Age: 81, Lincroft
McDonnell, Gail Ann, Age: 80, Navesink
Moore, Eileen F., Age: 86, Manchester
O’Rourke, Robert J., Age: 69, Rumson
Wenzel, Margaret M., Age: 87, Staten Island, New York

April 13th

Acosta, Ana Maria, Age: 80, Holmdel
Beninati, John D., Age: 91, Lincroft
Bitterle, Janet K., Age: 85, Lincroft
Van Dyke, Ann T., Age: 76, Oceanport
Gregory-Adasczik, Arlyn Valerie, Age: 55, Toms River
Harmyk, Helen L., Age: 77, Middletown
Hayes Jr., Frank M., Age: 67, Keyport
Johnson, Charles, Age: 91, Holmdel
Pusateri, Evelyn Coviello, Age: 88, Colts Neck
Robertson, Rosemary, Age: 90, Highlands
Savarese, Constance A., Age: 90, Oceanport
Tobias, Adam Matthew, Age: 36, Eatontown
Tomaine, Elsie B., Oceanport

April 6th

Bryan, Betsy Quirk
Byrne, Clair Maguire, Age: 84, Lincroft
Francese, Carl James, Age: 75, Interlaken
Gross, Regina, Age: 81, Middletown
Heller, Lynne Katherine, Age: 55, Oakland, California
Massabni, Madalyn, Age: 19, Rumson
McCabe, Eleanor K., Age: 97, Rumson
Moffler, Mary Etta, Age: 91, Lincroft
Niles, Carlotta Ramsey, Age: 103, Shrewsbury
Winters, Eleanor Dorothy Williamson, Lincroft

March 30th

Gardiner Jr., Dr. Carl W., Age: 74, Short Hills
Hollen, Debrah K., Age: 51, Monmouth Beach
Kaufmann, Martha Stevens, Age: 80, Lincroft
Kozonasky, Albina, Age: 93, Middletown
Morford, Ruthanne, Age: 88, Tinton Falls
Nicosia, Dorothy Laura, Age: 95, Middletown
O’Donnell, Florence, Age: 85, West Long Branch
Pochop, Astrid, Age: 45, Middletown
Zelenick, Edward A., Age: 74, Tinton Falls

March 23th

Abrams, Stanley, Age: 87, Little Silver
Adams, Patrick, Age: 55, Oceanport
Allocco, James M., Age: 82, Holmdel
Bilka, Billie Catherine, Age: 74, Holmdel
Browne, Kevin, Age: 52, Hazlet
Ciok, Ellen, Middletown
Grassi, Patrick, Age: 86, Hazlet
Humphries, Dorothy Mae, Age: 84, Hazlet
Lancos, Stephen P., Age: 91, Hazlet
Mirante, Vincenzo, Age: 52, Hazlet
Rose, Thomas R., Age: 68, Little Silver
Rosenblatt, Kathy, Age: 71, Hazlet
White, Elijah Warner, Age: 91, Red Bank

March 16th

DuBuske, Josephine, Age: 97, Lincroft
Filip, James Robert, Age: 75, Rumson
Lagrotteria Sr., Salvatore, Age: 87, Oceanport
Merola, Tracy, Age: 30, Eatontown
O’Leary, Eugene G., Age: 84, Highlands
Rathman, Lois N., Rumson
Schanck, Edward Gage, Age: 78, Lincroft
Simpson, Francis John, Age: 90, New Haven, Connecticut
Tango, Jeannine M., Age: 90, Keansburg
Todd, William, Age: 79, Holmdel

March 9th

Baum, Clifford, Age: 74, Keansburg
Blasucci Sr., Leonard J., Age: 74, Middletown
Collins, Marylyn Ann Davis, Shrewsbury
Gunniss, Dorothy H., Age: 80, Shrewsbury
Moynihan, Florence Ellen, Age: 87, Monmouth Beach
Palmisano, Elizabeth, Age: 86, Holmdel
Sergeant, Doris G., Oceanport
Shaw, Mary Elizabeth, Age: 77, Middletown
Stavola, Robert J., Age: 52, Red Bank
Verrone, Joe, Age: 93, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

March 2nd

Abel, Kathryn McCue, Age: 97, Monmouth County
De-Chicchio-Praizner, Philomena, Age: 89, Red Bank
Mayes, Cassandra Blasi, Age: 72, Tinton Falls
McCrink, James Patrick, Age: 59, Red Bank
Morin, Elizabeth Patricia Clarke, Age: 91, Shrewsbury
Preston Jr., John, Age: 73, Middletown
Wilson, Katherine U., Age: 86, Shrewsbury

February 23rd

Calandriello, Rosa A., Age: 99, Red Bank
Dawkins, Judith Wright, Age: 78, Washington, D.C.
Fox, George Roy, Age: 89, Holmdel
Iasparro, Carol Ann, Age: 67, Middletown
Kershembaum, Maria, Age: 88, Red Bank
Nelson, Charles Richard, Age: 91, Middletown
Sebolt, Carolyn Sindlinger, Age: 88, Colts Neck

February 16th

Bassler, Eileen, Age: 78, Red Bank
Bennett, Adelaide C., Age: 95, Rumson
Casale, Rita N., Age: 87, Port Monmouth
de Peyret, Joseph, Age: 84, Red Bank
DeSena, Neil V., Age: 52, Rumson
Faust, Alfred D., Age: 80, Middletown
Melick Jr., George Fleury, Age: 92, Middletown
Ross, Catherine, Age: 92, Rumson
Ruoff, Donald Joseph, Age: 75, Waretown
White, John Anderson, Age: 75, Rumson

February 9th

Abenante, MD, Luigi, Age: 85, Holmdel
Dixon Jr., Worden Ernest, Age: 70, Long Branch
Dodge, Margaret White, Age: 84, Princeton
Haliski, Carol Elaine, Middletown
Hordych, Anne Elizabeth, Age: 90, Shrewsbury
Joyce, Judith E., Age: 81, Colts Neck
Massell, Jerry J., Age: 85, Red Bank
Mumford Jr., Thomas Finch, Age: 87, Tinton Falls

February 2nd

Gage, Richard, Age: 90, Jersey City
Gallagher Jr., Jame V., Age: 90, Barnegat
Himelman, Honorable William, Age: 85, Lincroft
Lehman, Corie, Age: 77, Atlantic Highlands
Matches, Charles, Age: 79, Little Silver
McDermott, Mary Elizabeth, Old Bridge
Rosenberg, Robert L., Age: 92, Fair Haven
Ryder Jr., Harold E., Age: 94, Toms River

January 26th

Annunziata, Rose M., Age: 96, Highlands
Cantrella, Vincent, Age: 74, Middletown
Eckert, Martha E., Age: 83, Middletown
Kowitski, Eugene W., Age: 83, Oceanport
LaPreta, Catherine R., Age: 80, Middletown
MacMahon, Eleanor Mary, Age: 90, Middletown
Morehouse, Mark E., Age: 60, Oceanport
O’Neill, Virginia M., Age: 80, Red Bank
Stegeland, Richard, Age: 73, North Middletown
Trigg, Margaret Elizabeth De Winter, Middletown
Turk, Patricia A., Age: 78, Shady Oaks
Zink, Rosemary, Age: 72, Colts Neck

January 19th

Augustine, Lewis G., Age: 83, Atlantic Highlands
Borup, Donald A., Age: 85, Colts Neck
Farwell, Sarah Sue, Age: 73, Holmdel
Callaghan, Gail K., Age: 78, Oceanport
Eckert, Martha E., Age: 83, Middletown
Gigante, Michael J., Age: 80, Middletown
Hon, Kerry Ann, Age: 48, Sea Bright
Klein, Alma M., Age: 89, Red Bank
O’Connell, Daniel D., Age: 89, Red Bank
Paredes, Augusto A., Age: 77, Englewood
Ricco, Thomas, Age: 33, Rumson
Richter, Kathryn Margolin, Age: 57, Little Silver
Tobias, Emil F., Age: 96, Middletown
Vezin-Clark, Nicole, Age: 73, Tinton Falls

January 12th

Gottuso, Dorothy, Age: 94, Shrewsbury
Hoyt, Maureen Grant, Age: 90, Red Bank
Kline, Stewart Jack, Age: 89, Oceanport
Lowing, Jon R., Age: 79, Middletown
McAuliffe, Charles H., Age: 72, Red Bank
McCahill, James, Age: 93, Red Bank
Mumford, Amos H., Age: 88, Chatham, Massachusetts
O’Rourke, Joseph J., Age: 84, Middletown
Petraglia, Edward G., Age: 88, Middletown
Pimpinella, Angelina “Marge”, Age: 95, Red Bank
Sheffer, Dr. Eric C., Age: 53, Rumson

January 5th

Bhatiya, Kyle S., Age: 28, Little Silver
Briggs, Margaret Rankin, Age: 95, Fair Haven
Ciambrone, Frederick, Age: 80, Monmouth Beach
Dalton, Molly, Age: 80, Tinton Falls
DeMarco, Antonio, Age: 87, Colts Neck
D’Errico, John R., Age: 82, North Middletown
Formica, Stefano, Age: 87, Rumson
Gallo, Vera J., Age: 88, Oceanport
Gilbert Jr., James Davidson, Age: 78, Red Bank
Knipper, Marjorie Gilbert, Age: 86, Shrewsbury
Koslowski, Theodore, Age: 77, Brick and Old Bridge
Lehman, Mildred C., Age: 77, Atlantic Highlands
McKernan, William Gerard, Age: 85, Middletown
Petraglia, Edward G., Age: 88, Middletown
Rose, Dawn Marie, Age: 68, Red Bank
Shaw, Mary Elizabeth, Age: 77, Middletown
Smith, Michael, Age: 72, Middletown
Sulzmann, Richard A., Age: 75, Atlantic Highlands
Trail, Joseph G., Age: 68, Lincroft
Venezia, Gloria Carmel, Age: 88, Red Bank

December 22nd

Arliss, Charles John, Age: 90, Locust
Armstrong, Robert Charles, Age: 62, Atlantic Highlands
Barrett, Richard M., Age: 58, Neptune
Burstein, Myra, Age: 87, Aberdeen
Davino, Tessie Angelina, Age: 93, Hazlet
Dillon, Arlene T., Age: 88, Monmouth Beach
Falco, AnnMarie, Age: 64, Hazlet
Hall Sr., Jeffrey Cletus, Age: 52, Brielle
Levy, Joseph P., Age: 32, Port Monmouth
McGrath, Carol J., Age: 72, Colts Neck
McNerney, Genevieve A., Age: 87, Middletown
Mills, Ann Dean, Age: 88, Holmdel

December 15th

Altrath, Bruce J., Age: 62, Union
Beard, Sr., Richard Henry, Colts Neck
Brown, Jeremiah (Jerry) Earl, Age: 94, Engelwood
Collins, Patricia Anne, Age: 77, Shrewsbury
Lettieri, Mary Ann, Age: 86, Lincroft
Newton, Patricia Ann, Age: 70, Middletown
Paschetto, Elizabeth, Age: 90, Little Silver
Rifenburg, Raymond H., Age: 84, Middletown
Rossi, Margaret Ann, Age: 69, Middletown
Singer, Frank L., Age: 94, Red Bank
Toohey, John T., Age: 86, Red Bank

December 8th

Flaherty, Marion, Age: 84, Red Bank
Harmon, Edward Francis, Age: 48, Little Silver
Havens, Kay A., Age: 80, Red Bank
Hickey, Irene, Age: 93, Colts Neck
Howell, David R., Age: 90, Tinton Falls
Kerekesh, Elizabeth F., Age: 88, Rumson
Kessler, Themla, Age: 90, Brooklyn, NY
McNulty, Margaret Healy, Age: 87, Red Bank
Payne, Wendy, Age: 70, Middletown
Villapiano, Susan Penrod, Age: 55, Rumson

December 1st

Adams, Marian T., Age: 90
Brown, Lorraine M., Age: 74, Keansburg
Genovese, Jeffrey Charles, Age: 51, Oceanport
Grampp Jr., Walter F., Age: 84, Lincroft
Knoll, Mary Jane, Age: 89, Red Bank
McLeod, Virginia Kloss Vogel, Port Monmouth
Payne, Wendy, Age: 70, Middletown
Villapiano, Susan Penrod, Age: 55, Rumson

November 24th

Callahan, Jane M., Age: 86, Keyport
Dalton, Helen P., Age: 98, Monmouth Beach
Doelger, Brian Michael, Age: 45, Fair Haven
Dubuss, Charlotte Elizabeth, Age: 78, Red Bank
Johnson, Mary Eager, Age: 99, Oceanport
Lambertson, Sidney J., Age: 95, Keyport
Meyer, Betty Louise Spiridon, Age: 94, Shrewsbury
O’Donnell, Theresa, Age: 87, Navesink
Olsen, John O., Age: 67, Keyport
Pappas, Seymour T., Age: 92, Holmdel
Randall, Charles A., Age: 86, Middletown
Sodano, Frank J., Age: 97, Holmdel
Valese, Lucille E., Age: 88, Middletown
Varca, Patti, Age: 68, Oceanport

November 17th

Behrens, Glen E., Age: 66, Rumson
DeFabio, Edward G., Short Hills and Sanibel, Florida
Desmond, John J., Age: 81, Rumson
Gerhold, Mildred, Age: 99, Shrewsbury
Kentos, Mark David, Age: 46, Howell
McConnell, Trevor John, Age: 24, Boulder, Colorado
McDonnell III, Robert Emmet, Age: 82, Navesink
Miller, Theodore James, Age: 80, Bolton Landing, New York
Nichols, Ruth, Age: 98, Shadow Lake Village
Opie, Constance Elizabeth, Age: 92, Holmdel
Jenkins, Mary Sulewski, Colts Neck

November 10th

Ambong Jr., Jose, Age: 59, Red Bank
Aurelio, Rose, Age: 96, Atlantic Highlands
Burke, Edmund C., Age: 89, Manasquan
Douglas, Susan Cluthe, Age: 77, Atlantic Highlands
Duff, Dennis P., Age: 72, Hazlet
Ernat, Antoinette, Age: 89, Middletown
French, Allison Taylor, Age: 84, Shrewsbury
Haupt, Helena, Age: 96, Shrewsbury
Kaufmann, Daniel H., Age: 87, Lincroft
Sigmond, Leif Rein, Age: 90, Oceanport
Smyth Jr., Joseph H., Age: 81, Shrewsbury
Tagerty, Carole A., Age: 74, Spring Hill

November 3rd

DiPiero, Rosera S., Age: 70, Camden
Argyris Daisy, New York City
dePeyret, Milagros (Colome), Havana, Cuba
Essig, Maryann, Age: 77, Middletown
Fehlhaber, Richard W., Age: 57, Tinton Falls
Pestana, Ann J., Age: 89, Middletown
Steel, Donald B., Red Bank
Susi, Evaldo, Age: 90, Middletown
Tuttle, Billy J., Age: 73, Middletown

October 27th

Beradone, Ernestine, Age: 91, Lincroft
Coll, James John, Age: 49, Middletown
Gilbert, John, Age: 73, Middletown
Karlin, Susan, Age: 93, Red Bank
Kitson, Charles F., Age: 95, Colts Neck
Seuffert, Richard Walter, Age: 89, Middletown
Sidun, Douglas Day, Age: 59, Little Silver
Stone, Elver Herman, Age: 83, Atlantic Highlands

October 20th

Adams, Loretta, Age: 94, Atlantic Highlands
Bishof, Col. Wilbur C., Atlantic Highlands
Chappell, Pamela Lea, Age: 64, Wall
Daly, Gwendolyn, Age: 60, Highlands
Douglass, Michael G., Age: 55, Long Branch
Gorski, Robert “Bob” J., Age: 72, Atlantic Highlands
Vidris, Maria, Age: 93, Pola, Italy
White, William J., Age: 82, Hazlet

October 13th

Benett, Albert F., Age: 88, Shrewsbury
Bryan, Jenner Carey
Chieffalo, Antoinette Mazzucca, Age: 89, Oceanport
Leidner, James Craig, Fair Haven
Lockwood, Harry W., Age: 71, Oceanport
McDonough Jr., Dr. Edward Thomas, Age: 90, Punta Gorda, Florida
McKinney, Bonnie Boyd, Age: 61, Middletown
O’Neill, Jane H., Age: 87, Red Bank
Siegler, Dr. Seymour, Age: 83, Red Bank
Tzanakis, Basile, Age: 93, Oceanport
Yura, Richard M., Age: 81, Lincroft

October 6th

Antczak, Jane G., Age: 83, Middletown
MacDonald, Mary Virginia Long, Age: 95, Spring Lake
Miller, Edna D., Age: 90, Fair Haven
Mullen, Patrick M., Age: 65, Navesink
O’Meara, Mary Claire, Age: 68, Middletown
Panella, Charles C.
Parmentola, Debra C., Age: 22, Lincroft
Paynton, Donna M., Age: 56, Wall Township
Pettit Jr., John Charles, Age: 28, Fairfield, Connecticut
Rotondella, Elizabeth Ann Littlefield, Age: 57, Port Monmouth
Troisi Sr., Ralph A., Age: 70

September 29th

Black, Edna R., Age: 84, Bronx, New York
Carling, Leo, Red Bank
Dietrich, Herbert C., Age: 80, Hazlet
Hyer, Alice, Age: 90, Keansburg
Hill, Jane B., Age: 91, Tinton Falls
Johnson, Claire, Age: 91, Oceanport
Manning, Donald V., Rumson
Ondrey, Mary A., Age: 91, Eatontown
Pentz, Martha, Age: 70, Keyport
Varian, Edward C., Age: 51, Tinton Falls

September 22nd

Begley, Eileen, Age: 78, Red Bank
Brokaw, Barrett, Age: 43, Little Silver
Ferrando, Joseph, Age: 83, Middletown
Mahler, Harry, Long Branch
McHugh, Joan D., Age: 81, Little Silver
Mourikis, Mary, Age: 94, Hyannis, Massachusetts
Parks, Barbara A., Age: 82, Palm City, Florida
Pinckney, Ann R., Age: 80, Howell
Soldati, Theresa J., Age: 52, Rumson
Torrence, Evelyn H., Age: 84, Middletown
Veth Sr., James J., Age: 63, Port Monmouth

September 15th

Brennan, Jean Vaughn, Age: 79, Middletown
Egan, John R., Age: 57, Aberdeen
Engelhardt, Geraldine M., Age: 84, Keyport
Hille, Oscar E., Age: 96, Fair Haven
Kay, Dorothy, Age: 88, Red Bank
Kelty, Ellen Noreen, Age: 76, Millsboro, Delaware
Lucania, Joseph, Age: 101, Holmdel
Meehan, Brian Patrick, Age: 54, Colts Neck
Rimali, Rose, Age: 103, Rumson
Selheim, Nancy, Age: 88, Middletown

September 8th

Carbone, Luke W., Age: 87, Lincroft
Cunningham, Lorayne King, Age: 94, Oceanport
Goff, Linda J., Age: 68, Little Silver
Hickey, James Frederick, Age: 87, Hazlet
McKenna Jr., James J., Age: 82, Belford
Riguardi, Mary E., Age: 81, Little Silver
Rumolo, Jane M., Age: 95, Rumson
Gootman Smith, Joan Audrey, Richmond Hill Queens
Spalliero, Domenica, Age: 72, Shrewsbury
Walker, Joan E., Age: 77, Howell
Winters, Sharon, Age: 71, Barnegat

September 1st

Chiapparino, Angelo, Age: 75, Shadow Lake
Coleman, Patricia M., Age: 64, Middletown
Gallagher, William F., Age: 91, Middletown
Harm, Michael T., Age: 69, Colts Neck
Koenig, John David, Age: 87, Rumson
Lang, William M., Age: 91, Holmdel
Lappino, Benjamin A., Age: 86, Eatontown
Leahy, Francis E., Age: 54, Atlantic Highlands
Putman, John Williams, Age: 91, Griswold, Connecticut
Watt, Bonnie Shields, Age: 82, Red Bank
White Jr., Walter T., Age: 87, Red Bank

August 25th

Bishof, Elizabeth G., Age: 71, Atlantic Highlands
Blihar, Maryann T., Highlands
Bossard, Cynthia, Age: 82, Colts Neck
Clark Jr., James Leslie, Age: 86, Jackson
Fessel, Dolores A., Age: 73, Middletown
Lappino, Benjamin A., Age: 86, Eatontown
McGuire, Mary T., Age: 88, Red Bank
Patane, Mary, Age: 86, Highlands
Register, Anne Mickle, Age: 86, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Scanlan, Dr. Craig L., Age: 69, Rumson
Wiseman, Patricia Kenny, Age: 82, Monmouth Beach

August 18th

Bartolomeo, Patrick Joseph, Age: 79, Holmdel
DeGeorge, Nancy, Age: 55, Ocean Township
Edelbach, Karen A.,
Eigenrauch Jr., Herbert William, Age: 70, Aberdeen
Florillo, Dorothy, Age: 88, Colts Neck
Gerhold, Mildred, Age: 99, Shrewsbury
Hannagan, Randall A., Age: 52, Atlantic Highlands
Jiminaro, Joseph J., Age: 98, Red Bank
Lane, Dorothy, Age: 97, Overland Park
LeJeune, Claudine, Age: 46, Holmdel and Little Silver
Reda, Gail, Age: 73, Tinton Falls

August 11th

Adler, Sr., Robert W., Age: 80, Colts Neck
Esposito, Jack Chapman, Age: 12, Lincroft
Garrison, Helen Jane, Red Bank
Gerhold, Mildred, Age: 99, Shrewsbury
Heagney, AJ, Age: 23
Heidt, William R., Age: 87, Little Silver
Johnsen, W. Scott, Age: 56, Oceanport
Lopushansky, Ann A., Age: 93, Red Bank
Schaller, Jean E., Age: 67, Ocala, Florida
Summonte, Anita L., Age: 67, Eatontown

August 4th

Gaetano, Anthony J., Age: 77, Little Silver
Howard III, Samuel Thomas, Age: 85, Eatontown
Kelly, Madonna Therese, Age: 59, Spring Lake
Martinez, Josephine, Age: 91, Red Bank
McAllister, Robert, Age: 74, Rumson
Rogicki, Florence J., Age: 99, Holmdel
Seningen, Scott E., Age: 41, Middletown
White, Wayne G., Age: 77, Leonardo
Zetkulic, Joseph George, Age: 91, Colts Neck

July 28th

Beam, Clarence, Middletown
Brown, Jean Spencer, Age: 93, Fair Haven
Clark, Nancy P., Age: 71, Rumson
Cokelet, Barbara Knapp, Age: 91, Middletown
Colando, Mary Therese, Age: 87, Colts Neck
deVries, John C., Age: 84, Keansburg
Friscia, Eva Joyce, Age: 77, Tinton Falls
Kearsley, Joan A., Age: 86, Middletown
Mazzucca, Elizabeth F., Age: 81, Oceanport
Rathburn, James M., Age: 67, Atlantic Highlands
Strohmenger, Jean G., Age: 87, Rumson

July 21st

Badame, Francis P., Age: 62, Keansburg
Collins, JoAnn, Age: 57, California
Courtney-Pratt, Gillian, Age: 83, Little Silver
Curcio-Supczynski, Florence, Age: 85, Atlantic Highlands
Gaffney, Sean Hamilton, Age: 27, Red Bank
Hudson III, Carl A., Age: 56, Keansburg
Huntington, Marion Frances, Age: 77, Keyport
Krzyzkowski, Robert James, Age: 51, Basking Ridge
Montesano, Albert J., Age: 73, Hazlet
Reiser, Walter F., Age: 55, West Long Branch
Spernal, Raymond, Age: 88, Perth Amboy

July 14th

Billerbeck, Enid M., Red Bank
Boyle, Bartholomew F., Age: 89, Oceanport
Brennan, John Matthew, Age: 44, Sayreville
Earl, William T., Age: 69, Hazlet
Kapushy, Anne C., Age: 86, Atlantic Highlands
Kerrigan Jr., Lawrence D., Belford
Kotinsley, Leona, Age: 74, Aberdeen
Krieg, John W., Age: 87, Atlantic Highlands
Madigan, Barbara, Age: 72, Oceanport
O’Donnell Jr., Francis J., Age: 89, West Long Branch

July 7th

Acceturo, Debra, Age: 50, Hazlet
Balaniz, Elizabeth Anne, Age: 74, Middletown
Benton, Richard A., Age: 79, Spring Lake
Bond Jr., Thomas J., Age: 86, Red Bank
Clark, Harry, Age: 69, Shrewsbury
Gembarski, Helena, Age: 64, Leonardo
Green, Mary Josephine, Age: 82, Holmdel
Howe, Josephine Caprioni, Age: 91, Red Bank
Love, Dr. Douglas A., Age: 81, Rumson
McNamara, Joseph Andrew, Middletown
Sloan, Marion Baker, Age: 59, Rumson

June 30th

Anthony, Mark Steven, Age: 56, Monmouth Beach
Brandt, Frances S., Age: 96, Lincroft
Bruhn, Madeline Mae, Age: 90, Middletown
Costa, Tina M., Age: 91, Hazlet
Eremus, Mable R., Age: 96, Middletown
Gemgnani, Anna, Age: 88, Newark
Hamill, Geoffrey R., Age: 75
Hickok, Marie, Age: 97, Spring Lake
Licastri, Ciro, Age: 82, Tinton Falls
Nugent Jr., Joseph, Age: 79, Point Pleasant
Rausch, Mary Lou, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wilton Jr., Francis E., Age: 76, Atlantic Highlands

June 23rd

Altinger, Rudolf M., Age: 89, Aberdeen
Cerami-Guarino, Sheree, Age: 54, Rumson
Linley, Eleanor Benoist, Age: 86, Locust
Madigan, Joan Kathryn, Age: 89, Dublin, Ohio
Novak, Carol G., Monmouth Beach
Oakes, Kevin O., Age: 66, Middletown
Oberlin, Joan A., Age: 73, Middletown
Sullivan, Robert E., Age: 73, Oceanport
Venezia, Vincent J., Age: 88, Red Bank

June 16th

Callen Jr., John Holmes, Age: 83, Essex Falls
Cribbin Sr., Thomas John, Age: 84, Hazlet
Eagan, Richard Henry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gilhuly, Patricia D., Age: 80, Middletown
Kryscnski, Jon David, Age: 51, Washington D.C.
Ley, Frances Mary, Age: 100, Middletown
Price, Helen, Age: 86, New Monmouth
Scotti, Rose, Age: 86, Little Silver
Swain Jr., Kenneth Robert, Rumson

June 9th

Barnickel, Mary Maria, Age: 85, Hazlet
Critelli, Janet M., Age: 49, Atlantic Highlands
Ferraro, Madeline A., Age: 63, Freehold
Hartley, David Noble, Age: 83, Red Bank
Heggie, Marie K., Age: 72, Tinton Falls
Moll, Myrtle Craparo, Age: 79, Red Bank
Onderdonk Jr., William L., Age: 82, Rumson
Power, Edward P., Age: 84, Hazlet
Soler, Danielle Marie, Age: 32, Clifford Beach
Turner, Barbara J., Age: 81, Little Silver
Werber, Margaret “Peggy”, Age: 85, Rumson

June 2nd

Bohal, Deborah, Age: 41, Hazlet
Dahlborg, Enid, Age: 91, Matawan
DeFazio, Antoinette, Age: 93, Red Bank
Foster, Peter A., Age: 83, Red Bank
Higgins, Florence C., Age: 88, Eatontown
Lynch Sr., Arthur J., Age: 80, Hazlet
May, Jean M., Age: 87, Hazlet
Morenz, James E., Age: 57, Highlands
Pattakos, Karen Bender, Age: 51, Red Bank
Torres, Alice J., Age: 84, Port Monmouth
Wilson, Lillian, Age: 98, Red Bank
Zaccoli, Sharon A., Age: 59, Tinton Falls

May 26th

Allingham, Michael Patrick, Age: 18, Holmdel
Babkewicz, Mildred, Age: 96, Holmdel
Bush, Herbert E., Age: 90, Rumson
Gricko Jr., William Joseph, Age: 68, Hazlet
Kelly, Mary Ellen, Age: 87, Spring Lake
Kennedy, Deborah L., Age: 58, Middletown
McHugh, Raymond W., Age: 53, Montrose, Pennsylvania
Sama, Bruno, Age: 94, Rumson
Stuhmeier, Rita M., Age: 71, Bocholt, Germany
Worbel, Linda M., Age: 67, Hazlet

May 19th

Ayres, Lorraine B., Age: 93, Little Silver
Brew, George T., Age: 88, Sea Bright
MacConnachie, Dolores S., Age: 89, Monmouth Beach
Dougherty, Mary Patricia, Age: 93, Middletown
Forlenza, Kathleen D., Age: 54, Hazlet
Heck, Mary Nancy, Age: 88, Middletown
Mahon, Joan Doris Hogan, Age: 84, Naples, Florida
McHale, Gloria Fischer, Age: 82, Little Silver
Phair, M.D., Robert Francis, Age: 76, Middletown
Slavin, Joseph T., Age: 58, Rumson
Watkins, Virginia E., Age: 93, Little Silver

May 12th

Abbate, Joseph P., Age: 85, Ocean
Allison, Regina H., Age: 56, Long Branch
Bolin, Jr., Charles J., Age: 64, Port Monmouth
Grosso, Peter R., Age: 80, Middletown
Kardauskas, Agnes, Age: 91, Lincroft
Kelly, Mary Ellen, Age: 87, Spring Lake
Litzelman, Karl Burns, Age: 97, Blakely, Pennsylvania
Mahoney, Lynda Radulich, Age: 64, Monmouth Beach
Switlyk, Marilyn G., Age: 84, Atlantic Highlands
Tortorete, Robert A., Age: 74, Ocean
Traphagen, Louise M., Age: 83, Middletown

May 5th

Barto, Walter Vincent, Age: 91, Locust
Bjornsund, Lisa Marie, Age: 39
Burns Sr., Frederick Lyons, Age: 86, Spring Lake Heights
Gettis, Patricia Porter, Age: 86, Oceanport
Madden, James J., Age: 81, Hazlet
Mazzini, Philip, Age: 50, Atlantic Highlands
Semliatschenko, Hedwig, Age: 92, Red Bank
Tinnerino, Josephine T., Age: 90, Middletown
Washington, William B., Age: 85, Red Bank

April 28th

Altavilla, Anthony D., Age: 82, Rumson
Buckley, Carol M., Age: 77, Belford
Cuocci, Doris Marshall, Age: 80, Holmdel
Kelly, Priscilla, Age: 75, Holmdel
Marks, Samuel, Wayside
Masse, John James, Age: 67, Monmouth Beach
Ross, William A., Age: 84, Brockton, Massachusetts
Uliano, Carmine, Age: 87, Hazlet

April 21st

Ballard, Gayle Townley, Age: 73, Atlantic Highlands
Byren, Susan Taylor, Age: 77, Rumson
Cesario, Gina, Age: 81, Shrewsbury
Esposito, Joan, Age: 81, Hazlet
Greenberg, Janice L., Age: 88, Rumson
Mansell, Maureen, Age: 69, Fair Haven
Perciaccante, Catherine, Age: 68, Union Beach
Raymond, Nancy, Age: 89, Red Bank
Tukis, Marilyn M., Fair Haven

April 14th

Anderson, Anne G., Age: 99, Ocean Grove
Berry, Myron, Rumson
Felgendreger, Eleanore W., Age: 96, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
McGuire, Daniel J., Age: 57, Eatontown
McKenna, Margaret, Age: 95, New Hyde Park, New York
Shripka, Gladys M.,Age: 91, Red Bank
Swift, Alison T., Age: 43, Red Bank
Thompson, Margaret L., Age: 56, Keyport
Zinneman, David Morris, Age: 66, Hazlet

April 7th

Albrecht, Ruth M., Age: 87, Keyport
Bacchetta, Frank A., Age: 58, Fords
Cahalane, Lorraine E., Age: 79, Hazlet
Donnelly, Francis R., Age: 85, Hazlet
Giordano, Santina V., Age: 92, Hazlet
Killeen, Theodore, Age: 83, Lincroft
MacDonald, Allan J., Keansburg
Sorrentino, Joseph J., Age: 81, Rumson

March 31st

Berry, Myron, Rumson
Dancey, Stella, Age: 94, New Brunswick
Gabriel, Michael F., Age: 56, Red Bank
Maniscalco, Genevieve, Age: 89, Middletown
Royal, Ann Adams, Age: 66, Locust
Quartararo, Marion L., Age: 99, Red Bank
Salmon, Marguerite (Peggy), Age: 89, Fair Haven
Shaw, Kenneth R., Age: 63, Eatontown
Stuart, Downie E., Age: 92, Red Bank

March 24th

Almodovar, George, Age: 62, Old Bridge
Barradale, Robert, Age: 89, Middletown
Feibel, Mary C., Age: 87, Old Bridge
Kitson Jr. F.S.C., Brother Charles F., Age: 67, Lincroft
Maguire, Margaret Lamb, Rumson
Massa, Ralph David, Age: 67, Tinton Falls
Pantle, Edward J., Age: 75, Leonardo
Powers, Dr. John D., Age: 92, Little Silver
Tanis, Christopher Laurance, Age: 67, Colts Neck
Tobin, Margaret M., Age: 82, Red Bank

March 17th

Applegate, Elizabeth, Age: 85, Hazlet
Baxter, Margaret E., Age: 97, Middletown
Defino, Marie E., Age: 90, Middletown
Dowden, J.S.C., Hon. James H., Age: 88, Jersey City
Griggs Sr., Robert, Age: 77, Inverness, Florida
Gruszynski, Dulce, Age: 88, Middletown
Guoba, Marie, Newark
Jardine, Frederick A., Age: 86, Red Bank
Noonan Jr., John T., Age: 81, Fair Haven
Pedersen, Ole, Age: 76, Fair Haven
Sullivan, John C., Age: 78, Rumson

March 10th

Ether Jr., William E., Age: 72, Oakhurst
Flanagan, Alice V., Age: 90, Fair Haven
Giacobbi, Jeanne, Age: 65, Middletown
Henderson, William S., Age: 67, Middletown
Hill, Faye G., Age: 84, Red Bank
Kordoski, Leo, Age: 88, Little Silver
Mauger, Ann E., Age: 88, Tinton Falls
Pettit, Mistinguette (Misti), Age: 45, Middletown
Philburn, William F., Belmar
Semler, Ellen, Age: 47, Keansburg
VanLeeuwen, Dorothy L., Age: 96, Union Beach

March 3rd

Bellino, Anthony M., Age: 77, Netcong
DeFrancis, Elvira V., Age: 86, Middletown
Doehner, Kathleen Marie, Age: 67, Tinton Falls
Gaynor, Patricia Marie, Age: 78, Middletown
Korth, Patricia Sellers, Age: 87, Kennebunk
Marengo, Gerry, Age: 59, Tinton Falls
Marvel, George S., Age: 62, Holmdel
Meulener, Ernestina Alicia, Red Bank
O’Connell, Marie A., Age: 86
Ricany, Grace, Age: 92, Keansburg
Stone, Florence, Age: 85, Rumson

February 25th

 Baklarz, Richie, Age: 83, Middletown
 Bird, James Cooper, Age: 74, Rumson
 Borden, Edith Curtis, Age: 61, Rumson
 Ciampoli, Anna E., Age: 94, Red Bank
DeVoe, Joan, Pillsbury , Rumson
 Dey, Kimberley Anne, Age: 60, Highlands
 Dunn, Robin Austin, Age: 69, Fair Haven
Meyer, Ann C., Age: 77, Rumson
 Pettit, Mary S., Age: 99, Jackson
 Salerno Jr., John G., Age: 76, Hazlet
 Sullivan, John A., Age: 73, Plainsboro

February 18th

 Alexander, Lillian Doron, Age: 90, Toms River
 Darragh Jr., George A., Age: 87, Little Silver
 Jacobs, Norman David, Age: 88, Point Pleasant
 McCann, Eleanor R., Age: 77, Middletown
Orndorff, Henry R., Fair Haven
 Rullman, Edwards F., Age: 94, Red Bank
 Zindell, Richard, Age: 69, Middletown

February 11th

 Borden, Edith Curtis, Age: 61, Rumson
 Chrystal, Robert F., Age: 85, Matawan
 Gaburo, John, M., Age: 55, Oceanport
 Hoyt, Andrew Anson, Age: 68, Red Bank
 Kibler, Edith Catherine, Age: 87, Tinton Falls
 Macfarlane, Nancy W., Age: 64, Port Monmouth
 Moran, Ethel McBride, Age: 62, Middletown
 O’Brien, June, Age: 92, Holmdel
 Pantaleo, Dolores, Age: 86, Middletown

February 4th

 Blackburn, Michael A., Age: 58, Elizabeth
 Derby, John Mark, Age: 64, Rumson
 Martin, Estella, Age: 78, Keyport
 McCann, Michael J., Age: 62, Hazlet
 Molnar, Roger Andrew, Rumson
 Palmieri, Frank J., Age: 74, Holmdel
 Reilly, Maureen A., Age: 60, Middletown
 Sauickie Jr., Thomas, Age: 31, Hazlet
 Severini, Felicia, Age: 88, Red Bank
 Trigg Sr., Robert F., Age: 79, Union Beach

January 28th

 Chandler, George Edward, Age: 92, Fair Haven
 Cross, Margaret K., Age: 89, Red Bank
 DeFazio, Muriel M., Age: 92, Red Bank
 Goldschlager, Nora Leo, Age: 89, Rumson
 Haupt II, Paul, Age: 73, Shrewsbury
 Jones, Peter J., Age: 73, Middletown
 McCann, Michael, Age: 62, Hazlet
 Molnar, Roger Andrew, Rumson
 Muratore, Joseph, Age: 95, Holmdel
 Nelson, Charles M., Age: 65, Union Beach

January 21st

 Brower, Barbara Anne, Age: 82, Shrewsbury
 Cecere, Macy, Age: 87, Holmdel
 Coppola, Cecelia, Age: 82, Middletown
 Daly, Virginia M., Age: 95, Red Bank
 Guigno, Barbara, Age: 62, Eatontown
 Kovchok, John A., Age: 89, Middletown
 Nelson, DVM, Robert Carl, Age: 86, Red Bank
 O’Donnell, William Johnathan, Age: 38, Monmouth Beach
 Scherer, Jack Stanton Joseph, Age: 16, Freehold

January 14th

 Barbante, Donald F., Age: 79, Lincroft
 Castronovo, Joseph, Age: 83, South Amboy
 Deisler, John D., Age: 91, Rumson
 Dugan, Doris R., Age: 86, Hazlet
 Grewe, Patricia Velbinger, Age: 81, Red Bank
 LaBella, Ivy J., Age: 80, CLiffwood Beach
 Scarpellino, Eleanor V., Age: 90, Red Bank
 Schiavo, Stephen A., Age: 65, Hazlet
 Verni, Joseph Carlo, Age: 86, Red Bank
 Weber Jr., Frank J., Age: 85, Keansburg

January 7th

 Callahan, Donald E., Age: 87, Middletown
 Carhart, Mary G., Age: 90, Matawan
 Colangelo, Marion, Age: 86, Keyport
 Kaminski, Joan, Age: 73, Belford
 Kennedy, George Paul, Age: 94, Shrewsbury
 Lawrence, Gladys Mae, Age: 87, Union Beach
 Leonetti, Nancy, Age: 93, Hazlet
 O’Sullivan, Daniel Joseph, Age: 80, Red Bank
 Pascucci, Concetta, Age: 93, Holmdel
 Pelo, Ralph A., Age: 85, Woodbridge
 Stranges, Adam Matthew, Age: 24, Middletown
 Walling-Roche, Mary A., Age: 88, Tinton Falls

December 24th

 Broadmeyer, Auguste, Age: 84, Monmouth Beach
 Conway, Martin, Age: 62, Hazlet
 Fisler, William F., Age: 91, Port Monmouth
 Maroldi, Marlene J., Age: 65, Middletown
 Meeker, Charles D., Age: 84, Middletown
 Nilson, John R., Age: 88, Red Bank
 Olson, Meagan, Age: 51, Tinton Falls
 Petrillo, Catherine June (Giblin), Age: 92, Red Bank and formerly Tinton Falls
 Reid, Maureen B., Age: 75, Middletown
 Smith, Kenneth J., Age: 89, Shrewsbury
 Tulley, Robert B., Age: 74, Hazlet

December 17th

 Arany, Maggie K. , Age: 68, Middletown
 Bracero, Teresa E., Age: 54, Union Beach
 Brown III, Spc. Thomas , Age: 28, Middletown
 Marraccini, Anthony J. , Age: 92, Great Kills Staten Island
 McQuillan, Camille , Age: 90, Middletown
 Montani, Robert M. , Age: 79, Atlantic Highlands
 Picone, Claire J. , Age: 80, West Long Branch
 Poland, Annabella Rosenda , Age: 76, Hazlet

December 10th

 Alcaro, Brett Guarneri , Age: 37, Monmouth Beach and formerly Rumson
 Colantuoni, Josephine , Age: 83, Whiting
 Colmorgen, Helen Josephine , Age: 98, Red Bank
 Field, Lester Calbraith Lovett , Age: 86, formerly of Red Bank, Eatontown and Holmdel
 Fitzgerald, Mildred L. Age: 62, Red Bank and formerly Rumson
 Riker, William Jackson , Age: 57, Middletown

December 3rd

Buckley Jr., Joseph C., Age: 79, Belford
Dingee Jr., Gilbert F., Age: 74, Port Monmouth
DiRoma, Joseph , Age: 83, Old Bridge
Giglio Jr., Michael , Age: 75, Fair Haven
Hendricks, Gail M. , Age: 78, Aberdeen
Reilly, James Michael , Age: 97, Red Bank
Kavanagh, Christina , Age: 89, Fair Haven
Kirschner, Diane , Age: 66, North Middletown
McCormick Kelty, Sarah Scott Age: 44, Atlantic Highlands
Riker, William Jackson , Age: 57, Ocean
Wood Jr., John G. , Age: 67, Hazlet

November 26th

Barreca, Dominick, Age: 74, Little Silver
Boyd, Catherine Ann , January 21, 1947- November 22, 2015
Goodwyn, Frances Goff , Age: 75, Little Silver
Gunn, Walter F. , Middletown
Hamilton, Benjamin Barry , Age: 56, Fair Haven
Raisch, Clifford G. , Age: 61, Middletown

November 19th

Brown, Heather Melissa , Age: 35, Shrewsbury Township
Bucco, Adriana Frances (Lisacchi), Age: 88, Howell
Clark, Margaret M. , Age: 90, of N.Y.C. and formerly of Colts Neck
Figoni, Marie L. , Age: 91, Keyport
Greene, James Robert , Age: 94, Red Bank
Haley, James , Age: 85, Jensen Beach, Fla., and formerly of
Fair Haven and Middletown
Munning Sr., Philip P. , Age: 90, Red Bank
Petersen, Alene B. , Age: 98, Tinton Falls
Vega, Juan , Age: 71, Hazlet
Weeks, Fredrick E. , Age: 70, Eatontown

November 12th

D’Ambrosio, Joseph J. Age: 74, Hazlet
Daknis, Mary M. , Age: 87
Gaul, Mildred “Millie” S. , Eatontown
Murphy Sr, George Wilson ., Age: 90, Montecito, Calif.
Nelson, Mary , Atlantic Highlands
Seelinger, Maureen T. , Age: 77, Union Beach
Tierney, Virginia M. , Age: 68, Middletown
Willis, Donald J. , Age: 69, Colts Neck

November 5th

 Baine Jr., George F. , Age: 96, Red Bank and formerly Little Silver
 Bongiovanni, Shirley Ann , Age: 78, Hazlet
 Collins, Robert Bristol “T” , Age: 87, Shrewsbury and formerly Rumson
 Connolly, Edward, Age: 92, Eatontown, formerly Red Bank and Shrewsbury
 Librizzi, Frances, Age: 93, Little Silver
 Patterson Ball, Dorothy M., Age: 92, Lincroft
 Quinton, Jean F. , Age: 78, Hazlet
 Schmertz, William C. , Age: 77, Red Bank
 Westphal, Frederick Charles , Age: 61, Rocky Mount, N.C., and formerly of Rumson
Wilsterman, Maryanne , Age: 88, West Falmouth, Mass., formerly Little Silver

October 29th

Camlin, Madeline Catherine , Age: 89, Middletown
Eadon, Dit, Age: 87, Middletown
Lane, Sarah C., Age: 97, Tinton Falls
Lucky, Joan, Age: 76, Fair Haven
Reuss, Robert , Age: 77, Hazlet
Simons, Aureolus , Age: 79, Highlands
Slocum, Minerva , Age: 82, Middletown

October 22nd

 Baine Jr., George F. , Age: 96, Red Bank and formerly Little Silver
 Bongiovanni, Shirley Ann , Age: 78, Hazlet
 Collins, Robert Bristol “T” , Age: 87, Shrewsbury and formerly Rumson
 Connolly, Edward, Age: 92, Eatontown, formerly Red Bank and Shrewsbury
 Librizzi, Frances, Age: 93, Little Silver
 Patterson Ball, Dorothy M., Age: 92, Lincroft
 Quinton, Jean F. , Age: 78, Hazlet
 Schmertz, William C. , Age: 77, Red Bank
 Westphal, Frederick Charles , Age: 61, Rocky Mount, N.C., and formerly of Rumson
Wilsterman, Maryanne , Age: 88, West Falmouth, Mass., formerly Little Silver

October 15th

 Chianese, Ann Age: 90, Red Bank
 Giangrossi, Richard V. Age: 85, Middletown
 Griggs, Mary E. Age: 74, Inverness, Florida
 Halsey, Fred A. Myrtie J., Age: 90s, Fort Meyers, Florida
 Johnson, Marion , Age: 82, Highlands
 Jordan, Margaret “Peggy” E. , Age: 94, Keansburg
 O’Brian, Arlene N., Age: 94, Oceanport
 Palfi, Mildred , Age:95, Middletown
 Pearsall, Doris M. , Age: 87, Red Bank
 Stigler, Edna A. , Age: 90, West Keansburg
 Wall, Edmund Allen , Age: 83, Eatontown

October 8th

 Conlin Jr., Michael Joseph Age: 81, Union Beach
 Gillespie, Anna S. Age: 86, Tinton Falls
 Huhn, Ellenrose Age: 88, Tinton Falls
 Kienzle, Javan Age: 82
 Lastella, Pasquale J. Age: 87, Holmdel
 Luizzi, Donna Rae Age: 60, Manalapan
 Magee, Donald E. Age: 64, Tinton Falls
 Thiesing Jr., Henry R. Age: 93, Tinton Falls
 Weathers, Stacey Gregerson Age: 46, Tinton Falls

October 1st

Cosentino, Vanzy Age: 92, Shrewsbury
Crosby, Raymond Age: 52, Keansburg
Danowitz, Anna K. Age: 93, Boynton Beach, Fla.
Dozier, Juanita , Age: 94, Atlantic Highlands
Hardy, Lorraine Louise (Dressler) , Age: 87, Red Bank
Karol, Richard Age: 51, Hazlet
Keenan Sr., Daniel J. Age: 70, Matawan
Popola III, Thomas J.I, Age: 74, Lincroft
Torres, Maria Ortiz, Age: 80, Hazlet

September 24th

Brunner, James Frederick Age: 86, Charlotte, North Carolina
Cassanese, Brenda R. Age: 92, Fair Haven
Dadenas, James Age: 88, Madison, Connecticut
Eisenhauer, Harriet A. Age: 55, Lincroft
Geier, Andrew Barry Age: 45, Austin, Texas
Hurley, Edna M. Age: 94, Tinton Falls
Kelly, Maureen B. Age: 75, Middletown
Meyers, Dawn Age: 51, Union Beach
Raine, Joan L., Hazlet
Sharpe, Freida C. Age: 90, Matawan

September 17th

Daly, Thomas F. Age: 78, Rumson
Dubuss, Robert Francis Age: 80, Rumson
Flynn Jr., James J. Age: 38, Hazlet
Hansen, Rosemarie E. Age: 90, Keansburg
Kuhar, John Joseph Age: 76, Red Bank
Rubino, Clemencia Age: 91, Middletown
Seiter, Edward Henry Age: 49, Laurence Harbor
Tweedy III, Raymond J. Age: 64, Hazlet

September 10th

Borelli Sr., John J. Age: 90, Red Bank
Dunphy, Robert Age: 81, Middletown
Geer, Audrey C. Age: 92, Shrewsbury
Guerci, Harold B. Age 96, Shrewsbury and formerly of Rumson
Havard Sr., Thomas Ward Age: 81, Hazlet
Hunter, Jane Age: 78, Middletown
Moses, John F. Age: 87, Tinton Falls and formerly Red Bank
Raimond, John P. Age: 84, Homdel
Shanley, McDonnell
Tillou Sr., David Gerald Age: 70, Hazlet
Venancio, Margaret J. Age: 55, Keyport
Wikman, Lars Gregory Age: 49, Middletown
Williams II, Clifford Joseph Age: 82, Port Monmouth

September 3rd

Aiken, Bernard J. Age: 64, Ocean
Cain, Margaret F. Age: 85, Holmdel
Darcy, Elizabeth M. Age: 99, Red Bank
Froehlich, Adelaide Age: 89, Formerly of Port Monmouth
Harris, Steven A. Age: 60, Shrewsbury
Jailer, Bernice Ponger Age: 88, Red Bank
Lutz, William G. A. Age: 52, Hamilton and formerly of Rumson
McDonald, Michele Age: 71, Middletown
Patterson, Robert Allen Age: 77, Oceanport
Sarnelle, Helen Age: 91, Manchester
Toth, Thomas Age: 46, Rumson

August 27th

Aurigemma, Joseph D. Age: 51, Hazlet
Costa, William D. Age: 92, Hazlet
Ferreri, Arthur S. Age: 70, Red Bank
Grodzicki, Regina M. Age: 96, Middletown
Hanrahan, Dorothy Lee Age: 91, West Keansburg
Malaspina, Rose Age: 104, Red Bank
Mogavero, Jack Age: 83, Marlboro
Muscarella, Glenn David Age: 61, Middletown
O’Neil, Eileen Age: 65, Union Beach
Pede, Joseph A. Age: 53, Hazlet
Scott, Catrina Angel Age: 21, Port Monmouth