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December 23, 2011
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To The Editor:As your ocean advocate for more than 25 years, we write to you with a sincere and urgent plea. Help us keep the ocean clean and free from pollution by making a generous annual donationto our 2011 Citizen Support Campaign.

When we started Clean Ocean Action in 1984, the New Jersey coastline was known for two things: toxic dumping sites and needles on the beach.


Today, the tides have turned. With your hard work and vigilance, along with the efforts of hundreds of organizations and businesses, and thousands of concerned citizens, we now enjoy:

  • Improved water quality for swimmers and fewer beach closures,
  • Beaches that attract visitors and stimulate the economy,
  • A cleaner and healthier New York Harbor,
  • Twenty five species of marine mammals, including whales, dolphins, and seals now frequenting the region, and
  • Bi-partisan support for the ocean from New York and New Jersey representatives.

While our mission remains simple — to improve the quality of the marine waters of New Jersey and New York — the work grows ever more complicated. We must:


Create a Clean Ocean Zone

The ocean waters off of New Jersey and New York deserve the kind of protection we give to the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders. A Clean Ocean Zone will ensure swimming, fishing, boating, diving, surfing, and pure enjoyment of the sea for today and for future generations.


Educate the next generation

We not only educate kids about the coastal environment, through presentations we train the next generation of ocean advocates in middle and high school to take action by identifying problems and working together to implement solutions.


Mobilize Citizen Action

Information is not enough. We must motivate citizens to take responsibility for our environment. By expanding our Beach Sweeps and Water Buddy programs and continuing to call individuals to hearings and public demonstrations, we are ensuring that the voice for the ocean is deep, diverse, and loud.

Please make a generous donation to this year’s campaign. Your gift will help us end the year strong and kick off 2012 ready to defend your ocean. Your beaches, the seafood you enjoy, and the environment and economy that sustain us all depend on your annual support.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

Ever onward for the ocean,


Cindy Zipf

Executive Director

Clean Ocean Action

Sandy Hook

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