Send a Virtual Thank You—With Style

November 24, 2011
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By Julie Davis

The handwritten letter is officially on life support. Between email and social media, it’s much faster, not to mention less time consuming, to pen your thoughts online. One could argue, though, that the handwritten thank you note is alive and well.

Proper etiquette has always been to write out your note of thanks—it’s more personal and certainly more appreciated. But with the onset of websites like, an online stationary store created to embellish your email template, virtual thank you notes are suddenly becoming more acceptable. “An email thank you is better than none at all,” says Sharon Gaffney, co-creator of MeebleMail. “They’re especially convenient when two months go by and you still haven’t written your note. When you use our stationary, it’s always right there when you need it.”

Gaffney makes it simple to say thank you: sign in, choose your stationary designs and install them as a bookmark in your web browser (currently, they service all web based mail: Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail). When you want to use one, simply click the bookmark to create a chic and personalized template.

Meeblemail offers over 700 stationary designs—from simple and contemporary to special occasion and holiday—and has teamed up with several big name fashion, home and stationary designers, like Trina Turk, Celerie Kemble and Lela Rose, to create stylish original prints.

After receiving countless hostess gifts or attending a weekend full of holiday parties, a virtual thank you might just be a lifesaver.



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