Skywatch for April 25 – May 2

April 25, 2014
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By Flo Higgins

Happy birthday Taurus!

Although a Taurus may be fixed in his or her opinion, they are extremely giving when it comes to taking care of those in need. This fixed sign often gives until it hurts.

Taurus finds deep spiritual meaning in home, family and the earth. They enjoy digging in the dirt. Give a Taurus a patch of ground they can call their own, and they will be happy – at least for a while.

Taurus also like collecting things and can sometimes be overwhelmed with possessions since they hate to throw anything away. In the mind of the practical Taurus, that would be a waste.

People born this week: Sara Paxton, April 25, 1988; Koo Stark, April 26, 1956; Jack Klugman, April 27, 1922; Jay Leno, April 28, 1950; Jerry Seinfeld, April 29, 1954; Justin Vernon, April 30, 1981; Tim McGraw, May 1, 1967; and Bianca Jagger, May 2, 1945.

A new moon and solar eclipse will occur Tuesday, April 29, when both are in Taurus. It’s a good time for a fresh start. We are now in the midst of a great heavenly event. It is known as a Grand Cardinal Cross. It is a time of stress and tension when four planets ­– Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars – are all either square or in opposition to one another. There is plenty of energy available to make a move.

Aries (March 21 to April 20) Don’t hand over control of anything you value to anyone right now. Otherwise, you could, once again, face a challenge. The lesson now is to learn to go slowly and walk lightly or suffer the consequences once again. Otherwise the old lessons will return.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20) Creative ideas are just bubbling inside your head and the time has arrived to release them. Get yourself busy planning ways to increase your income by using your ideas. A close pal could be extremely helpful now. Ask some questions and get busy at home.

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Gemini (May 21 to June 20) It is good to stand up for you own rights, but also watch what you say. Otherwise, you will hurt someone and it will be difficult to undo what is done in haste. A new relationship is on the horizon. That is an opportunity to use your charm.

Cancer (June 21 to July 20) Your life is changing right in front of your eyes. Stay awake so you can recognize the good the change will bring to you. Letting go of your past will surely help your future romance. It is time to let go of all the dead weight. Then smile and start fresh.

Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) Making judgments too quickly can cause you problems this week. So slow down and get all the evidence first. Then go forth with solutions. Otherwise, you could be looking at a situation you could have avoided. A friend could be of help right now.

Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20) A minor situation at work could become messy if you do not handle it soon. Take a delicate stand on the matter and then let it go. In that way you will be the winner. A friend could help you. Look for a surprise once you make up your mind about a lover.

Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) When it comes to creative ideas, you are a storehouse. So be as free as possible while helping others to develop their creativity. Your latest adventure in teaching could lead you into more opportunities than you ever dreamed. Just relax and let it happen.

Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov. 20) If you hit some bumps in the road to the ultimate success, don’t be discouraged. Saturn in Scorpio is merely a test of your endurance. So keep pushing yourself to your original goal. Your motto should be “the past is the past and it is over.”

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Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20) The more flexible you are now, the better time you will have. Avoid your past rules and regulations and relax. Just know that nothing is written in stone and it will change, whether you like it or not. So stay open to the new. You have folks coming into your life; they will impact your future.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) It would be wise to know that you cannot control your total destiny. Once you understand this you will be able to relax and make more money. Once you do that, nothing will be off-limits in your new life. So try taking baby steps into your new world.

Aquarius  (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) You should notice the new confidence available to you as a result of your attention to detail. If this continues – and it will – you will soon be exactly where you want to be. You are also being noticed by several would-be lovers. So keep up the good work and don’t look back.

Pisces (Feb. 21 to March 20) Your spiritual life may have taken a minor hit recently; don’t let that stand in the way of finding yourself. Your creative life is important now and should be a top priority. If you can combine the spiritual and creative talents, you will hit the big time in your success.

Flo Higgins is an astrologer. Her email is

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