Skywatch For The Week Of July 5-12, 2013

July 5, 2013
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By Flo Higgins

Home is where the heart is and there are few things in this world that a Cancer wants more and really needs than a home. The need for home and family is paramount to anyone born this week.

Owning a home has more meaning to a Cancer than traveling the world. Of course a Cancer likes to travel, but they need a base of operation, a place to return to and feel secure.

It is also an accepted fact that people born this week are always looking for a mother.

The warm and tender feelings that spring from “mother’s love” are what the Cancer is looking for all her/his life. Family gatherings are also important.


People born this week: Huey Lewis, July 5, 1951; Dalai Lama, July 6, 1935; Ringo Star, July 7, 1940; Kevin Bacon, July 8, 1958; Courtney Love, July 9, 1964; Sofia Vergara, July 10, 1972; Richie Sambora, July 11, 1959; and Cheryl Ladd, July 12, 1951.


Now that we are in a Mercury retrograde period we should be reminded that we don’t want to start a new project, but we certainly can complete anything that has been sitting around waiting to get done. So there is plenty to keep us busy from now until mid-afternoon on July 20.

Best day this week to complete a long overdue project would be next Friday afternoon.


Aries (March 21 to April 20) This is a week to attempt to seriously handle your impulsive nature. It is the perfect time to think before you leap. Now that Mars is in Cancer it will cause some battles if you are not careful. So instead of moving quickly it would be wise to slow down and take your time.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20) You may be eager to express yourself right now and that is good as long as you use care and are diplomatic. An old friend is interested in renewing a relationship. If you would consider it then make a phone call or send a text message. Otherwise look the other way and don’t send any signals that could be misinterpreted.

Summer Jobs: Working in the Sun

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) Life will calm down now that Jupiter has moved into Cancer and Mars moves in the morning of July 13. With this combination in mind collect yourself and decide what new projects you would like to work on until they are complete. Know that your future success depends on what you are considering now.

Cancer (June 21 to July 20) You may want to express yourself in a new way and that is fine, but be careful your pals may not be ready for the new you. With Jupiter now in Cancer and Mars about to move into the sign, you will certainly have some opportunities to make changes. Use plenty of TLC as you venture into the unknown.

Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) Steer clear of negative pals because if there are some problems in the future you will get the blame. It is time to complete some unfinished business and there is no better time than this week. Start nothing new, just complete what was started. And mind your business.

Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20) This could be the week when you see the results of your past passions at work. Look for more opportunities to do good works and then expect to win the top prize. Maintain a positive attitude and you will reap big honors in a short time. Just keep smiling and watch life turn around for you.

Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) It may be time to avoid daydreaming and get down to the hard work needed for your success. The need for a partner is never more noticeable than now. Just review what you are getting out of the relationship and where you want to take it. By mid-July big changes are in store for you and yours.

Soap Star Headlines Lunch With Fans

Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov. 20) Finding a way to get your ideas into the mainstream should be at the top of your priority list this week. You don’t want to take action; you just want to organize your plans and then get them to the powerful by mid-July. Your real worth shouldn’t stay hidden any longer.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20) Once you realize that stubbornness creates anger you will find it easier to become more flexible. Try to avoid your involvement with folks that bring out your stubborn streak. Once you do, you will find a new BFF and plenty of romance. It could happen by the end of the month.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) This week is the perfect time to think things through. By taking your time you will avoid the demands of unprepared people. The more you mentally prepare for your next venture the more money and success you will have in the near future. It is time to hold your ground and don’t move.

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) Any feeling of frustration should be handled maturely otherwise you will make some sorry mistakes. If you just bide your time you will get the necessary help at the perfect time. This is the time to trust yourself and stay calm. Make no final decisions this week.

Pisces (Feb. 20 to March 21) You are dealing with the planet Neptune and so realize sometimes your feeling could be fuzzy. With this in mind it would be wise to take your time and make no hasty decisions. In that way you will become more spiritual and certainly more understanding of others.


Flo Higgins is an astrologer. Her email is

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