Skywatch For The Week Of September 21-28, 2012

September 21, 2012
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By Flo Higgins

A Libra ruled by Venus is probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac. They are bright, chipper and certainly saucy. They are always looking for the great romance, the soul mate, the perfect love. Libra is always looking for love.

They feel a relationship brings balance to their life. A Libra is born to have a relationship or two. This Venus- ruled sign needs a partner almost as much as they need food. They are lost without someone to love.

They have difficulty in making decisions since they do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make anyone mad. So they have a problem making up their minds about anything.

Libra is the type of person who, when confronted with a problem, will ask for advice and guidance from everyone they know. That is mostly because they do not like confrontation, nor do they care for decision-making.


People born this week: Faith Hill, Sept. 21, 1967; Debby Boone, Sept. 22, 1956; Bruce Springsteen, Sept. 23, 1949; F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sept. 24, 1896; Will Smith, Sept. 25, 1968; Serena Williams, Sept. 26, 1981; Gwyneth Paltrow, Sept. 27, 1972; Hilary Duff, Sept. 28, 1987.


The full moon, known as the harvest moon, happens on Saturday, Sept. 29, making this the week before the full moon a time of high emotions. So don’t start any new projects if you can avoid it. Now is the time to spend time with cool and calm pals and celebrate the coming of the autumn. Best day this week would have to be Tuesday, Sept. 25, when the moon will be in Aquarius trine Uranus and Mercury.


Aries (March 21 to April 20) In the past you have taken action and then thought about it. This is a good week to try thinking about things and then take action. If you can do that, you will avoid a few situations that could cause you some trouble now. The last thing you need is getting caught in the wrong. You will pay a big price.

Taurus (April 21 to May 20) If you stay alert right now it will hit you what is really wrong in your life. This is the week the light could go on in your head and you will discover what it is you really want to do. You need a relationship with a BFF that is real. This is the time to mend a few fences and make up with some old pals.

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Gemini (May 21 to June 20) It is time to become a spiritual warrior and discover what it is you really need in your life. Jupiter in Gemini will be the energy that brings the change you are looking for and need. Expand your vision and you will see what you have been missing. Let your imagination work hard and you will be really pleased with yourself right now.

Cancer (June 21 to July 20) It is time to follow your bliss and get busy at what you love to do. If you want to make some changes then start preparing so it can happen. A new BFF will be helpful as you decide on your new goals. So get busy with the planning. The goals should be exactly what you can deal with right now.

Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) By ignoring the real issues you now face you are not doing yourself any good. But we all remember you must do what needs to be done. Whatever you decide this week will be helpful both mentally and financially. You are in the driver’s seat now. And life will start to really move.

Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20) There may be a few problems to deal with now, but remember you are in charge and can handle anything that comes along if you stay calm. Once you lose control it is almost impossible to get it back. So this is not a time to relax. It is time to stand your ground and win the game.

Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) Any stress you might have been dealing with recently will be relieved within weeks. So prepare for your next goals and know with your experience you will certainly be on the winning side. A friend could come along on one of your journeys and be a great help to you.

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Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov. 20) If you are wondering if your recent changes are for the best, wonder no more. The stars all agree you have made a fantastic choice. Within months you will realize just how smart you have been in decision-making. As a result you will find even more excitement coming into the future.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20) Your finances should improve within days if you just trust and keep moving along. It is time to have a vision of exactly what you need – and why. Once that is complete, then expect a serious change in direction as new people enter your life. You are headed for some real excitement.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) Any situation that leaves you out of control should be dropped and you should move on. You need to be in control of your life and your ideas – to think otherwise is to be delusional. A new friend could turn into a BFF if you let it happen, but don’t let it happen too fast. Do that and it is over.

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) If you had a big vision concerning your business plan, then listen. It is time to deal with your new attitude and get things reorganized so you can move on in the near future. A longtime pal could make some good recommendations. It would be wise to slowly review and then decide.

Pisces (Feb. 21 to March 20) Imagination should be the name of the game right now. A project you have been working on for some time could develop into a gold mine. With that idea in mind, it would be smart to make sure you have checked all details. Your friends could really help the project, so invite them to join.

Flo Higgins is an astrologer. Her email is

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