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Scene On Film: ‘The Conjuring’

By Joan Ellis Why see The Conjur­ing? Because respectable critics have written reams of praise saying variously that it is gripping, fast-paced, and studded with good acting.  One even called...

August 9, 2013 | comments

Scene On Film: ‘RED2’

By Joan Ellis A gang of greats has handed us a little laughter. RED2 reunites Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Mary Louise Parker as they are lured from...

August 2, 2013 | comments

Scene On Film: ‘The Way Way Back’

By Joan Ellis Do you remember sitting in “The Way Way Back” when third row backward-facing seats were first installed in family station wagons? Nat Faxon and Jim Rash have...

July 26, 2013 | comments

Scene On Film: ‘The Attack’

By Joan Ellis Centuries of religious, cultural, and political anger put the Arab/Israeli conflict beyond our understanding. Once in a great while someone comes forth with a book or a film...

July 19, 2013 | comments

Scene On Film: ‘The Heat’ and ‘Unfinished Song’

By Joan Ellis In the now familiar summer movie desert, here are two that fly under the studio hype. They are so wildly different, one from the other, that it’s...

July 12, 2013 | comments