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January 18, 2013
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By Mary Ann Bourbeau

Spa owners, managers recommend their favorite treatments

Certified massage therapist, Olga, performs a deep tissue massage at Orange Skye, a good choice for relieving stress.

Certified massage therapist, Olga, performs a deep tissue massage at Orange Skye, a good choice for relieving stress.

The holidays may have been fun, but they were likely not without the stress (and a few extra pounds) that comes along with them. With the new year, the time has come to get rid of both.

Area spa owners and managers were asked which treatments they would choose for themselves to get their bodies and minds off to a new start. Here are their answers.

Cozy front room at Orange Skye Wellness Spa includes boutique items from local artisams.

Cozy front room at Orange Skye Wellness Spa includes boutique items from local artisams.

At the Orange Skye Wellness Spa, which has a Red Bank mailing address but is located on Route 35 in Middletown, owner Maggie Paterno recommends the M’lis inch-loss wrap to help relieve the guilt and get that body back in shape. The 60-minute, all-natural wrapping process restores elasticity to loose and sagging skin, helps diminish cellulite, improves circulation and detoxifies the tissues. It also reduces permanent water weight, resulting in lost inches, Paterno said.

“There can be 4 to 14 inches lost in the overall body the first time,” Paterno said. “The first time I got it, I lost 17 inches. It’s just amazing!”

The targeted areas of the body are covered in a cream that helps stimulate lymphatic circulation. A contouring plastic wrap is applied, acting as acupressure to filter the toxins out of the body and promote permanent inch loss. Six sessions at $130 each are recommended for optimal results.

“If it’s done on a regular basis, I’ve seen people go down two or three dress sizes,” Paterno said.

Owner Maggie Paterno of Orange Skye Wellness Spa.

Owner Maggie Paterno of Orange Skye Wellness Spa.

To perk up drab winter skin that hasn’t seen a hint of sun in months, Paterno recommends the Orange Skye signature facial. This botanical-based, anti-aging facial removes dead cells and allows new skin to flourish. The 90-minute process includes a restorative eye poultice, during which herb bundles are steamed and rolled onto the face to remove toxins and smooth out fine lines. The $175 treatment comes with a take-home kit that can be used five more times so the process can be maintained until the next facial is scheduled.

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Paterno performs demos once a month, applying the facial to half of someone’s face.

“It’s night and day,” she said. “People are blown away by it.”

Paterno tests everything on herself for 3 to 6 months before she offer it to her customers.

“The nice thing about these two treatments is that you see immediate results,” she said. “I’m addicted to the facial. People think I’ve had work done and I have not.”

Those two treatments will make you look good. To feel good and recover from the stress of the holidays, Paterno recommends an 80-minute deep-tissue massage, priced at $150.

“If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, don’t book this,” she said. “It’s not for pampering. It’s firmer pressure and it hurts, but the more stress you hold inside, the better this massage is for you. The next day, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated.”

Teresa Azzopardi treated celebrity clients for more than 20 years in London before opening The London Spa in Rumson three years ago. She recommends the CACI non-surgical facelift, the same treatment used by many of the top stars.

“It’s extremely effective and proven to work,” she said.

During the course of 10 treatments, micro-currents are used to help penetrate the creams into the skin. Every three treatments, the currents are increased. CACI helps tone sagging facial muscles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and helps increase elasticity. The results are seen immediately. Each treatment is $140 and the purchase of a course of 10 includes one free.

“The younger you start an anti-wrinkle routine, the better,” Azzopardi said. “This is much cheaper than a facelift. There is no pain and no risk of it going wrong.”

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Azzopardi also recommends the ionithermie cellulite treatment, which smoothes the skin texture, tones muscles and results in the loss of 1 to 8 inches.

“You want to start getting your body ready for summer,”

Azzopardi said. “It will be here before you know it.”

Treatments are $170 and the purchase of a course of six includes one free.

If she could choose two treatments for herself, Melissa Kosakowski, manager of the Woodhouse Day Spa in Red Bank, would pick the Minkyti facial and an 80-minute hot stone massage.

During the full-body massage, which costs $170, hot volcanic stones covered in oil are glided over the body with light-to- moderate pressure.

“They are long, relaxing strokes,” Kosakowski said. “It’s nice in the winter when it’s cold out, and it really de-stresses you. Combined with music and aromatherapy, it’s a very tranquil experience all around.”

Her second choice would be the spa’s 80-minute Minkyti facial, which incorporates 25 minutes of facial massage and acupressure techniques that stimulate the skin for maximum absorption of the skin products. It also includes a resurfacing treatment to boost collagen and slow down the visible signs of aging. The cost is $145.

“You feel refreshed and renewed and your skin is glowing,” Kosakowski said. “You look more vibrant. It’s kind of like a clean slate for the new year.”



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Orange Skye Day and Wellness Spa
254 Highway 35 South
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The London Spa
119 E. River Road


The Woodhouse Day Spa
73 Broad St.
Red Bank

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