‘The Fiesta’ Wins for RBR Juniors

June 27, 2014
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LITTLE SILVER – The winner of the Red Bank Regional High School District (RBR) and Sickles Market Battle of the Class Sandwiches is the junior class, with their top selling sandwich, “The Fiesta ’15” which sold 502 sandwiches.

The Battle of the Class Sandwiches is a fundraising collaboration between RBR and Sickles Market to raise funds for the individual classes and the RBR Education Foundation.

The four high school class sandwiches were placed on the regular sandwich menu at Sickles Market in late October 2013 and each class was given the opportunity to promote their sandwich with a Buy One Get One Free Day at Sickles Market and demo their sandwich to customers.

In addition, Sickles Market and RBR e-blasted the battle and posted on Facebook several times during each class month. For every sandwich sold at Sickles, $1 was donated to RBR and individual classes.

The senior class of 2014 placed second with “The Wild Buc” with 429 sold; the sophomore Class of 2016 entry, “The Sweet ’16,” placed third with 370 sold; while the 238 sandwiches from the freshmen of the Class of 2017, called “The Savory ‘17” placed fourth.

The winning sandwich is described as “savory grilled chicken and Monterey Jack cheese paired with an explosion of southwestern flavors, including fresh avocado, Sickles’ Own black bean salsa and a kick of chipotle ranch dressing, all rolled up into a sundried tomato wrap.”

The announcement of the winner was made Monday, June 16, during a congratulatory luncheon at RBR.

The classes will use the funds raised to defray activity expenses, such as the prom and senior picnic, to keep the cost to individual students at a minimum. The RBR Education Foundation provides grants to fund educational resources and programs for RBR students.

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“We always enjoy endeavors involving our community and our school districts,” said Bob Sickles, third generation owner of Sickles Market. “We enjoy giving students an opportunity to learn some business skills like how to promote their sandwich. All the sandwiches are really very good and we congratulate the junior class!”


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