The Truth About Curls

May 17, 2013
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By Glen Goldbaum

The curly truth about curly hair is that it is beautiful and the very first step is acceptance!

Texture is in this season, so much so that our salon has begun to do texture waves. Whether it’s the sexy, beach wave or a natural tight curl, embrace your curls! Let them fall loose and free!

The trick to hair with a natural curl is to find a hairdresser that understands the wave pattern because it certainly can’t be cut like a traditional haircut. My approach to curly hair has a freestyle vibe. I like to keep a light touch with my scissors and create as much movement as I can. Always cut the hair where it lives, as we say in my salon, not disturbing the wave and removing weight in just the right place. I really have become an expert at screwing it up just right! It is also important to have your hair trimmed every four to six months. If you don’t, the dead-ends will create frizz and limp, lifeless hair.

The next important step in a healthy, natural, beautiful curl is being educated on how to maintain it. There are many methods and countless opinions but the best approach is to start with good products. Stay away from sulfites, alcohol and silicone. That seems like a lot but in this day and age, we have so much more available to us now. I prefer the Kevin Murphy line. It hits on all of the latter and has some amazing advantages, i.e. approved by PETA, uses only natural, sustainable ingredients with antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils and so forth. One of my favorite cocktails is body guard, a hydrating lotion with UV protectant, and Hair Resort, a volumizing texture spray. This combo will not weigh down your curls or leave them with a crunchy, gel feel. It will give your curls definition and hold them in place. We also rarely scrunch curls anymore either. It’s all about the twirl set! After you apply your product, take 1-inch sections, starting from the bottom, and twirl your hair into ringlets. You can continue to apply product while you are twirling each section. And then let the hair dry naturally or if you are in a rush, use a diffuser – but use the diffuser gently! The ringlets will loosely separate on their own giving you a more natural controlled look. You always have the option to separate them even more by gently running your fingers through your hair and tousling it yourself.

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Now let’s talk about shampooing your beautiful curls. Use a sulfite-free shampoo and conditioner; I am partial to KM’s Angel Wash and Rinse. It will allow the curl to be in its natural shape. But for those with thick coarse hair, try KM’s Luxury Wash and Rinse. The object is to retain moisture in your hair, keeping it hydrated and conditioned. Just a friendly reminder: try not to shampoo your hair every day!

Own your curl! It is sexy! Hair texture is the hottest trend of the moment. So go with it and find a hairdresser to help you or come in for a consultation. Don’t miss out on this season where you can really show off your curl!

As we say in my salon, Don’t be boring. It’s only hair! Until next time…


Glen Goldbaum is the owner of Glen Goldbaum 72 at 72 Bridge Ave.,  and Glen Goldbaum’s Lambs & Wolves Den of Beauty, 66D Bridge Ave., both in Red Bank.

Glen Goldbaum is the owner of
Glen Goldbaum 72 at 72 Bridge Ave., and Glen Goldbaum’s Lambs & Wolves Den of Beauty, 66D Bridge Ave., both in Red Bank.

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