Unique Summer Camp offered at A Child’s Place in Lincroft

February 28, 2014
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camp–achildsplace-mud-2.28LINCROFT – The rumble coming down the street is a dump truck loaded with sand for A Child’s Place School (ACP).

Each summer, anticipation escalates for the children enrolled at ACP summer camp as the truck dumps the huge sand pile on the ground in the backyard, a yearly summer tradition. Excitement grows as children and counselors eagerly grab buckets, wheelbarrows, or shovels and begin moving the sand to the sandbox where they will spend much joyful time at play over the summer weeks.

Whether you work in an office or at home, caring for customers or family, a summer vacation is probably well deserved.  Just as adults require respite from the pressures of their daily routine, children are entitled to that same indulgence. Rich, meaningful, and respectful experiences that create happy memories and inspire lifelong learning are offered at the ACP Summer Program.

Many natural materials are found on the park-like property, but how they are used reflects the children’s creative imagination.  Mini-worlds and dramatic play scenarios are created with sand: Children engage in digging out rivers, tunnels, and volcanoes and adding water from a hose to make a mudhole. Arts and craft materials, easels and beads are available and supported by experienced, caring staff.

Water experiences include the on-site, traditional in-ground pool where lifeguards assist in the building of swimming skills. Sprinklers are an option to run through with the freedom of a butterfly in flight, and water games, such as sponge volleyball, provide relief on a hot day.

Opportunity to engage in a variety of sport activities is provided while remaining true to the philosophy of collaboration vs. competition. Children learn the rules and skills necessary to play a game from adults and older peers without the pressure of earning an award or the fear of failure.

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The activities are by no means the limit of what is offered: Shows, visiting entertainers and more add to summer memories made at the ACP Summer Program. Memories that are filled with friendship, laughter, choices and a sense of freedom are a world away from the timetables dominating children’s lives as they attend school and extracurricular activities.

A Child’s Place School in Lincroft enrolls children from 4 to 9 years old in its summer program. For information regarding summer registration, call 732-747-0141 or visit www.AChildsPlaceSchool.com.



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