Warm Hearts…The Need Continues

February 17, 2012
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To The Editor:

Red hearts are a major theme for February and the celebration of Valentine’s Day. But the love professed and shared on February 14 needs to continue in order to help those whose circumstances are less than ideal. Those red hearts need to become warm hearts filled with compassion, ready and willing to help provide warm food and shelter to people who are hungry and cold.

Though this hasn’t been the coldest winter on record, the need continues for hot food whether it be from Salvation Army soup kitchens or made in someone’s home from the Army’s food pantry stock. For those with little or no resources, hot food helps keep up spirits and ward off illness. A bowl of hot soup can provide comfort to someone who is homeless or has had their heat turned off for lack of payment. And in today’s world, homelessness and lack of heat are realities for many.

It’s reported that the economy is growing stronger but it has yet to make a difference to those in dire straits. Will you open your heart and help? There are so many ways that you can. Would you be willing to organize a food drive, possibly where you work or at your church or through an organization you belong to? Hot cocoa, soups, stews and non-perishable goods would be much appreciated.

Please consider sharing your time and talents to help The Salvation Army provide warmth, food and compassion to your neighbors in need. Please contact Judith Anderson, the New Jersey Division’s volunteer coordinator at 908-851-8236 or via email to: judith.anderson@salvationarmy.org

The Spirit of Shrewsbury

To make a financial donation, please visit www.salvationarmynj.org or call Marc Greenspan at 908-851-8232.

The Salvation Army
NJ Chapter

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