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February 17, 2012
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To The Editor:


I oppose ” Marriage Equality and Religon Act”  as this is a moral issue and not a civil rights one and it should be on voter referenda in November. GOD created Adam & Eve, not Adam & Adam or Eve & Eve. Anyone who lays down with the same sex as they would the opposite sex is as sick as the ones who support this bill. Even if you don’t believe in God it is not natural. Homosexuals can marry but not the same gender as there  are restictions on marriage for all Americans for the welfare of the family and  society, for example you cannot marry if you are already married, can’t marry a  close  relative, adult can’t marry  a child, and you can not marry the same sex. If this is allowed you strip marriage of its meaning one man & one women. What’s next, polygamy?


James W. Harris Sr.

Red Bank



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