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Hotmail is one of the best email(Electronic mail) services all around the world. Sabeer Bhatia and his partner Jack Smith launch Hotmail in July 1996. After one year in 1997, Microsoft purchased for $400M and renamed MSN Hotmail. After that MSN, Hotmail services have changed and is now known as Outlook, all Hotmail services are now functioning as

Hotmail offers 5GB of free storage to every user who creates a Hotmail account. Hotmail email addresses still exist and accessible for old users. However, if you want to create a new Hotmail account, you will not create it with the prefix. The only available prefixes now are &

Hotmail Sign up: How to Create Account?

To use Hotmail and avail of other services by Microsoft, you need to sign up for active Hotmail account. Creating an account for Hotmail gives you access to Microsoft other services, such as Skype, One Drive, Office 365. Anyone can create an account for Hotmail. It is free of cost, and it will always be. Now you can create your free Outlook (Hotmail) account by following the below guiding steps:

  1. First, open the browser, search
  2. Enter unique email address like ( or (
  3. Create a password that must be strong. To make password strong, use Capital letters, numbers and, special characters like !@#.
  4. Now, Add your unique First name and last name.
  5. Select your country and add the correct Date of birth.
  6. Solve the puzzle.
You have created your account.
Hotmail login

Hotmail Login: How to Sign in to your Hotmail Account?

Hotmail account login is a simple process; you can use your Microsoft Hotmail account on any device you want at any time. You can also log in to many accounts at the same time. The following are the step by which you can sign in to your Hotmail account.

  1. First of all, open the web of the "Hotmail Sign in" on your device.
  2. The next step is to mention your recommended username and password in the given blank section.
  3. After doing all these steps, click on the sign-in button.

Hotmail Sign in on Mobile Devices

Android: For android, you will download the Hotmail application from the play store, press the sign-in option, add your credentials, username, and password to log in to your Hotmail account.

iOS: Open the App store on your iOS devices, then search for Hotmail/Outlook, then tap the install icon. After installing the tap sign-in button, then add your email/username and password to log in to your Hotmail email account.

The login process for mobile applications is too simple. You only have to install the Microsoft Outlook application. After that, Sign in to your Hotmail account the same way you do for the web.


A Guide to Hotmail Password Recovery

Suppose you forgot your Hotmail account password. The user can recover your account's Hotmail password by the following steps.

When you put your Email address in the given section, you need to mention your Outlook password. If the user forgot the Hotmail password, click on the option of Forgot Password.

You can recover your Hotmail account password through another email address or via mobile phone. Please select an option on which they will send you the recovery code. Mention the correct code and type your new password. Your password must be strong, with some special characters.

Hotmail Two-Step Verification

Through the two-step verification process, no one can get access to your Hotmail account. Below you can see the most straightforward steps to active your two-step verification.

Steps to enable two-step verification:

  1. After signing in to your Hotmail account, click the security option on the top of the page click.
  2. On, right side, click the link: More security options.
  3. Verify your Hotmail account through the security code. After this, scroll down and then click on the Set up two-step verification option.
  4. Follow all the instructions to complete the process.

Hotmail Features

There are many great features of Hotmail, and we are highlighting a few and key features below.

Storage: Sign up for your Microsoft account to get 15 GB of free storage.

Security: Hotmail is now very secure as compared to other email services. The Hotmail spam filter does a decent job. It scans all incoming attachment and emails, detects malware and sends it to the spam folder.

Account Expiration: Outlook account expires when the account is inactive for 90 days or more.

Languages: One of the best features is that it is available in 30 plus languages.

Spelling Checker: Spellings checker for correcting all spelling mistakes before sending emails.


Q: How to change name of my Microsoft account?

A: To change your name, log in to your account, navigate account settings and click on personal settings. You can change your account name from there. Please make sure to use your real name, as all this information can be used in your account's recovery or verification process if needed.

Q: How can I recover my Hotmail account from Mobile Phone?

A: To recover your account from a mobile application, click on "Forget Password" within the application, enter your account username or Email address in the field. You will get a password reset link on your registered mobile phone number or recovery email address. Click on the link to create a new password for your account.

Q: Can I Sign out my Hotmail account remotely?

A: If you forgot to log out of your Hotmail login account, you could always sign it out remotely from your Mobile phone application. You can choose which device you own in the privacy settings and want to continue using your account and remove unwanted devices from the list. You can also change your account password to log out of your account from everywhere immediately.

Q: Can I use more than one account on same Device?

A: Yes, you can. Microsoft has now introduced an option to switch between accounts that you want to use. Also, you can sign in to as many accounts as you need within the application. You can also log in to many accounts by logging in one on the Microsoft Outlook application and your second account in your mobile web browser.

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