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November 4, 2011
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Independent Votes Fiore

To The Editor:

As a member of a third party, I have never affiliated myself with either the Republican or Democratic establishments. I have always been an advocate of voting for the best candidate on the ballot, regardless of their party affiliation. In Middletown Township, Republicans Tony Fiore and Stephanie Murray, two champions of fiscal responsibility, certainly fulfill that qualification.

And yet, there are still those who blast the Republicans sitting on the Middletown Township Committee. Democrats in particular have begun making ludicrous accusations regarding Mayor Tony Fiore’s economic views. It is the same song and dance number performed every election cycle: whichever Middletown Republicans are seeking office are accused of raising taxes and reckless spending. These baseless claims directly contradict reality and the Committee’s stellar record of accomplishment.

Take for example Democratic Committeewoman Marilyn Tuohy’s recent letter, which accused the incumbent mayor of raising taxes and “hiding the truth” about Middletown’s fiscal operations. The truth is that while careless spending may run rampant in other communities, the Middletown Township Committee has kept a firm hold on the monetary leash.

The success of Mayor Fiore’s programs can be seen on a daily basis. After all, Middletown Township boasts the smallest per capita police force in Monmouth County, yet the lowest crime of any municipality. The town only employs three-hundred people, thus operating with a much smaller public sector than most similarly sized communities. Middletown, which also has a AA bond rating, has also been praised by Moody’s Investor Services for its fiscal integrity.

If one actually studies the real truth regarding the state of operations within Middletown Township, it entirely eliminates any need to vote for the Democratic candidates. Mayor Fiore and his fellow Republicans have gone to great lengths to keep taxes low and morale high.

-Dennis “Dj” Mikolay


Derailed Fiscal Policy

To the Editor:

In a recent letter, “Real Solutions”, in the Oct. 28 edition of ***ITALSThe Two River Times**ENDTALS, Mayor Fiore admitted that Middletown government has real financial problems. I could not agree more.

True to form, he falsely blames years of excessive spending; unnecessary bonding; escalating taxation and debt, all cradled in Republican mismanagement, on the Middletown Democrats who somehow magically made elected Republicans spend our tax dollars.

This is just more empty rhetoric to go with decades of empty promises, failure to openly communicate and thwarted taxpayer dreams: no flood control along the Bay Shore; no turf fields; a lake yet to be dredged; a $400 thousand master recreation plan gathering dust; high density housing zoned in Lincroft and planned development of open space at Bamm Hollow.

After Mr. Fiore strong-armed $500 thousand from library funds; took $350 thousand, for the second year in a row, from sewerage authority fees; used $1.3 million in public education funds; his so-called fiscal discipline required a 12 percent tax increase to cover $45million of a $62 million budget. This lack of incumbent Republican fiscal discipline has Middletown looking at a projected $2 million shortfall for the 2012 Middletown budget.

Ask Mayor Fiore if he has a real solution. Past Republican practice points at raising taxes. During his term, he has contributed 22 percent to a 40 percent increase in taxes over the last five years. Past practice also points at adding to our $70 million in debt, which has increased 66 percent over the same five years.

Finally, at least $2.4 million of $4 million in cuts claimed by Mayor Fiore was onetime nonrecurring expenses that were never part of the 2011 budget.

In closing, Mr. Fiore notes that Middletown has been repeatedly named one of the Top 100 Places to Live by ***ITALSMoney**ENDTALS magazine; but Fiore fails to note that Middletown’s standing in the Magazine’s quality-of-life survey has eroded by 39 percent during the last four years.

Memorial Day Events

Put a stop to over 30 years of poor fiscal policy and borrowing; empty promises and unfulfilled expectations. Please help our community get back on track: Vote Grenafege and Fowler on November 8.

James Grenafege

Middletown Township Committee



To The Editor:

Looking at the local Democrat’s campaign propaganda spewed forth by their candidates, it became clearly apparent who the local Democrats really are-nothing more than the local branch of the Obama team.

A look at their rhetoric makes this abundantly clear. Weep and wail about the plight of the taxpayer-but offer only vague, ambiguous platitudes-never statistics or specific ideas. Kowtow to wealthy, powerful special interests like affluent labor unions, developers and out of town contributors like large Hudson County book distributors while claming to be the voice of the little guy. Talk about two-faced!

The very same Democrats who weep crocodile tears about the plight of the taxpayer, and, in the very same breath, decry Republicans for reducing budgets and meeting the State spending cap-those same Spend-o-Crats now call for more and more government spending! Absolutely no difference from the antics of the Obamacrats in Washington!

But the real clincher is this-in a recent letter, one of the Democratic candidates really outs herself with the use of the word “change” and rhetoric that is taken directly from the Obama playbook.

It’s clear who the Middletown Democratic candidates really are-nothing more than the local branch of the Obama Team!

It’s bad enough in Washington and it’s the last thing we need in Middletown!

Richard C. Winters


Taxes Sky High In Middletown

Have you heard that the Middletown’s mayor and his running mate want to hold the line on taxes? Hold it where, exactly? Somewhere in the stratosphere?

I think the joke’s on us. Municipal taxes have gone up over 22% just during Mister Fiore’s 3-year term in office. Mr. Fiore voted for tax increases every year. Based on his record, I think we can expect more of the same.

Republican candidates keep talking about making Middletown an affordable place to live, and then keep doing the opposite once they’re elected. You’d think they’d be too red in the face to keep talking about it.

Mr. Fiore doesn’t seem to feel responsible for our high taxes since he is always talking about forces beyond his control. Well, that doesn’t inspire my confidence in his ability, and I won’t be voting for him.

I think it’s time we had representatives who stopped making excuses and brought sound judgment to the job. Jim Grenafege has been a voice of reason for many years now. He is both informed and vocal about issues that are important to residents. Jim strongly supports televising town meetings so that we can all see what our local government is doing. He also feels the Township desperately needs the oversight of a Finance Committee, which almost every other town has. After seeing taxes double in such a short time, I have to agree with him.

Please join me in supporting Jim Grenafege for Middletown Township Committee this Election Day.

William G. Butler

HEAD: Honoring Veterans

To The Editor:


The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation invites you to attend our Veterans Day Ceremony Friday, November 11th, beginning at 11 a.m. The ceremony is free and open to the public.

Major General Clark W. Martin (U.S. Air Force Ret.) is this year’s keynote speaker. Martin is the former assistant adjutant general and commander of the New Jersey Air National Guard. He is a Vietnam veteran, having flown 153 combat missions and currently serves as chairman of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation.

The Mission In Monmouth Beach To Build An Awesome Playground

As part of the annual ceremony, the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial will induct four veterans into the “In Memory” program, which honors those who served in Vietnam and later passed away as a result of their tour, but whose names are not on the Memorial. The four inductees are Manning J. Jones, U.S. Army, West Milford, NJ, who died on Dec. 22, 1996; Roman P. Niedzwiedz, U.S. Army, Evesham Township, NJ, who died on March 6, 2010; Robert M. O’Connell, U.S. Army, Mahwah, NJ, who died on Aug. 18, 2004; and Albert T. Schillaci, U.S. Army, Rutherford, NJ, who died on Aug. 17, 2009.

Family members will say a few words about their loved one and light a candle in their memory.

Additional participants include Lisa Coppola, a well-known singer-songwriter; Joseph Formola, Chaplain, NJ State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America; Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 200 Color Guard, with General Anthony C. McAuliffe NY/NJ Chapter, 101st Airborne Division Association; and Plainfield High School USAF JROTC.

If you would like more information about the Veterans Day Ceremony or the “In Memory Program” , please go to our website www.njvvmf.org, or Call Lynn Duane at (732) 355- 0033 ext. 100

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation


Residents Deserve Better

To The Editor:

I am running as an Independent Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder for the upcoming November 8th election. My main reason for running for Freeholder, is to push for more fiscal discipline at the county level.

Monmouth County government spends over $500 million a year. Over $300 million comes from property taxes. Is that money being spent in your community? The Freeholders almost raised your county property taxes in 2011, but decided at the last minute to use over $40 million in surplus funds to balance the budget. That was fiscally irresponsible and leaves taxpayers vulnerable in 2012.They are spending more than they take in and the future looks worse.

The mismanagement at Brookdale College under the Freeholders and Board of Trustees watch, was a fiasco of the largest order. When the administration was spending taxpayer money on alcohol, country club dues, and other frivolous expenses, they attempted to raise tuition by 8 percent. Is Brookdale just the tip of the iceberg on how your money is being spent. I believe it is.

The county has golf courses, nursing homes, marinas and still has a problem plowing county roads. How is your money being spent? Do you think there is waste at the county level? Is Monmouth County government helping your town provide services and save money? The answer is sadly….no.

We cannot continue to allow the Freeholders to be unfocussed, ambivalent and “ethically challenged”. Monmouth County residents deserve better.

I am committed to making Monmouth County government more relevant and more efficient. If we are going to spend a half a billion dollars, we need to do it better and do it more fairly. I ask for your support on Nov 8th, to bring an independent voice to the Monmouth Freeholders. Politics as usual and party bickering are counter productive and you deserve better. Monmouth County government must be more relevant and better managed.

Tom Markowski

Independent Candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder

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