Mommy Dearest: For the woman who does it all, give her the very best

April 23, 2012

By Julie Davis

Kind, caring, generous, silly, supportive, and selfless—that pretty much sums up a mom. On May 14 (that’s three weeks away, Dad), it’s time for her to turn the tables and enjoy a full day of self-indulgence. Help her celebrate with the traditional flowers and breakfast in bed (and for the lucky few, diamonds), as well as with these unexpected, one-of-a-kind finds. As a mom myself, I can assure you she’ll flip for every single one of them. Mother, after all, knows best.

To mark their 175th anniversary, Tiffany & Co. created a new line of jewelry featuring RUBEDO, a metal created by the company’s own metallurgists. Blending the beauty of gold, silver and copper, the result is a stunning soft rose hue. This cuff includes founder Charles Lewis Tiffany’s signature.
Tiffany 1837 Ultra Wide Cuff, Tiffany & Co., Red Bank

For the woman who epitomizes effortless style (or the mom who has everything), these bracelets are sure to charm. Part ‘80s jelly, part modern-day bangle—they’re simple and chic, much like mom.
Bee Charming Rubber Bracelets, Lucki Clover, Red Bank

There’s not a mom that shops at Sickles Market who hasn’t eyed this bedazzled chocker. Gold plated with a bevy of jewels, it’s both sparkling and stunning, and the necklace she’ll wear with everything—from an evening dress to a tank and jeans.
Mariana Multi-gem Necklace, Sickles Market, Little Silver


Fragrance is one of the most popular gifts to give for Mother’s Day. This year, treat her to a scent that’s anything but ordinary. The I Am collection is fragrance with heart—each scent is carefully blended to evoke an emotion and declare exactly who you are: Balance, Passion, Peace, Real and many more.
I Am Fragrances, Juli Mei Boutique, Spring Lake

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