Uncle Mike’s Night Grooves: Live Music In April

April 6, 2012
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By Uncle Mike

Daughtry is coming to Monmouth University's MAC on April 20.

OK, so you survived The Ides of March and you made it though April Fools Day unscathed. Now what do you do? Well, how about going back to school? No. Not permanently. Just for a day or three. Not interested? Well, I’m willing to bet that I can change your mind. What if I told you that on April 20 at Monmouth University you could checkout Daughtry at the MAC. That’s right I said Daughtry! Or if you went to M.U.’s Pollak Theatre on the night of the 13th you could catch Marc Muller’s tribute to the Grateful Dead, Dead On: Live. And if those shows don’t pique your interest, how about heading over to Brookdale CC in Lincroft on Sunday the 15th and spending the day at the 15th Annual Brookdale Guitar Show? That’s right music fans, this month on the local scene academia rules! However, if school isn’t your thing than checkout the rest of the scene at these hot spots!

Kickin’ things off up in S’ville at the Starland Ballroom, it’s The Marshall Tucker Band, Southern Steel Band, Adam Kestler Band and Quimby Mountain Band on Sat., April 7, Rodney Atkins on the 12th, For Today, A Skylit Drive, Stick To Your Guns, Mychildren Mybride, Make Me Famous, Sirena, Beneath Willow Pond and Need For Reason on the 15th, Local 420, Milan & The Sour Goat, Garden State Line, Becoming The Ghost and Bearin’ Peace on the 20th, Portugal The Man and The Lonely Forest on the 21st, Theory Of A Deadman, Pop Evil and Stellar Revival on the 27th, Prophet, Circle Of Insanity and Lords Of Mercy on the 28th and Childish Gambino on the 30th.

Rollin’ into the Big R.B. at Jamian’s it’s Matt O’Ree on the 6th, Juggling Suns on the 7th, Jukebox Criminals on the 13th, Pat Guadagno & Rich Oddo on the 14th, Havens on the 20th, XOL AZUL on the 27th and Shore Blues on the 28th. Down the street at the Count Basie Theatre, it’s Sinbad on the 13th, Talkin’ Jazz – WBGO’s Gary Walker on the 16th, More Tango With Diego Blanco on the 21st and 22nd,Talkin’ Jazz – Tad Hershorn on the 23rd, Squeeze and The English Beat on the 25th and Talkin’ Jazz – Vic Juris on the 30th. Plus at the Walt St. Pub, it’s Josh Zuckerman on the 6th, Bob Burger Band on the 7th, The BadDads on the 13th, Sonny Kenn on the 14th, The Jonzes on the 20th, Kindred on the 21st, Shawn Mars on the 27tth and Pez Head on the 28th. While at The Downtown, it’s Sibling Rivalry (down) – Jukebox Criminals (up) on the 6th, No Standards (up) on the 7th, Shots And Goggles (up) on the 13th, Hot Foot Powder (down) – Screaming Broccoli (up) on the 14th, Sibling Rivalry (down) –Almost Easy (up) on the 20th, Dale Toth (down) – Brian Kirk & The Jirks (up) on the 21st, Bob Garaffa (down) – Crush Love (up) on the 27th and The Wag (down) –The Good Life (up) on the 28th.

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Shufflin’ off to L’croft at Brookdale Community College it’s the “15th Annual Brookdale Guitar Show” from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. on the 15th. And in R’son at Barnacle Bill’s, it’s Byron Smith & Ted Brancato on the 6th, Pat Guadagno & Richard Blackwell on the 7th, Pam McCoy & Phil Rizzo on the 13th, Matt O’Ree on the 14th, Chuck Lambert on the 20th, BethAnne Clayton, George Ott & Dennis Hern on the 21st, Dave Miller, Todd Sherman, George Ott & Bob Pinto on the 27th and Byron Smith & Ted Brancato on the 28th.

Slippin’ into West L.B. at Monmouth U.’s Pollak Theatre, it’s Marc Muller’s Dead On: Live on the 13th. Plus at the MAC, it’s Daughtry, Safetysuit and Mike Sanchez on the 20th. While in L.B. at McLoone’s Pier House, it’s Bob Bandiera on the 6th, Primitive Soul on the 7th, BethAnne Clayton Trio on the 13th, The Intentions on the 14th, Byron Smith Trio on the 20th, Bob Burger on the 21st, Pat Guadagno on the 27th and Electric Boots on the 28th. Plus at The Brighton Bar, it’s The Doughboys on the 7th, Hub City Stompers, The Rudie Crew, Somerville Town Drunks, The Nonrefundable and Hatin’ Em on the 13th, Kinderhook on the 14th, Easy Tiger on the 20th, The Brixtons Riot, Jon Caspi & The First Gun, Acid, Gary B & The Notions and Spanish Waves on the 21st, “The Great Big Shindig Charity Concert” with City Rain, Snacktime, Slick Chops, Almost There, Captain Kiwi & the Manequins, Kenton Remmey and From The Future on the 27th and Bert L’z & Almost There, b. Funk, Fight Or Flight and Woodfish on the 28th.

Slidin’ into the ‘Bury at The Paramount Theatre, it’s Blue October, Girl In A Coma and Breathing Blue on the 6th. Next door at McLoone’s Supper Club, it’s Motor City Revue on the 6th, Jeffrey Gaines and Rick Barry on the 7th, Bob Bandiera on the 13th, British Invasion Tribute on the 14th, Jersey Four on the 20th, Tim McLoone & The Shirleys on the 21st, Masters Of Music: Livingston Taylor on the 22nd and Kristian Rex (George Harrison Show) on the 27th. Across the way at Lance & Debbie’s Wonder Bar, it’s John Eddie, Sonic Slaves and The Sleepwalkers on the 6th, Gashouse Gorillas on the 7th, Timepiece on the 13th, “Benefit For Wag On Inn Rescue” with The Bada Bing Boys, Set To Stun and Dawne Allyne & Joe Morgana on the 14th, The Doughboys and Upper Hand on the 21st, “Asbury Park Open Mic” with Rob Dye & Cook on the 27th and the Jersey Shore Roller Girls on the 28th. Meanwhile at The Saint, it’s Single Bullet Theory, Ashes Of Your Enemy, Useless, Dead Wings and Otis on the 6th, DJ Vulgar and Dubstep Tom on the 7th, Lunic and Stag on the 13th, Three Legged Fox and Woodfish the 14th, Amy Ray and Kala Wilson on the 20th, Mike Montrey Band, Amber Blues, Anne Scott, SYKA, Turtle Soup and Kelly Carvin on the 21st, Early Show – 6p.m. – Peter Searcy, Will Sexton and Charlie Faye/ Late Show – 9:45pm – Only Living Boy, Empire Escorts and Where Phillips on the 27th and Lies In Waiting, Filthy and No Such Thing on the 28th. And at The Stone Pony, it’s the “Stone Pony Showcase” with Jaded Past, Cait Darcy Band, Signed To Nowhere, The N’ere Do Wells, The Flops, Speed Limit and Norran Gunnis on the 6th, “The Break Contest Regional Finals” with Marianas Trench on the 7th, Schism, New Theory, Beyond Visible, Casualty and Mystery Men on the 13th, “The Break Contest Regional Finals” on the 14th,Marine Mammals Rock!” with Bobby Bandiera, Bob Burger Band, Nick Clemons Band, Ray Andersen Trio, Jonny B & The Blue Blazers w/ Sandy Mack, Gunsmoke, MDGD, Pat Guadagno, Poppa John Bug and Dave Miller on the 15th, Deer Tick on the 20th, “Stokefest 2012” on the 21st, Dangerous New Highs, Tastes Like Chicken and Phil ‘N The Void on the 27th, Splintered Sunlight, Lovelight and Nematoad on the 28th and Big D And The Kids Table, Faber, Donovan’s Devils and A Life There After on the 29th.

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Well, that does it for this month. Be good to yourselves people. And remember, you’re never too old to rock n’ roll! Later!

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