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January 25, 2013
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By Julie Davis

Cynthia Wellington is the Two River’s best-kept secret for eyebrows – until now

FAIR HAVEN – Her clients travel far and wide all in the name of perfect arches. Cynthia Wellington’s talent, or rather gift, to shape and style eyebrows (even the most unruly of arches) has garnered her an impressive and extremely loyal following.

Cynthia Wellington shapes a client’s brows.

Cynthia Wellington shapes a client’s brows.

“I have clients that have moved to another state or go to college and make it a point to visit me for an eyebrow shaping when they are in the area,” she says.

Those in the know (near and far) know exactly why Wellington’s services are so coveted. For her, shaping eyebrows is more of an art. “Anyone can wax and remove hair, but not everyone can shape a brow, and that is the most important thing in the process,” she says.

Wellington considers the face a canvas and studies the symmetry of a client’s features before she dares to wield her tweezers or paint on wax. It’s a meticulous process, yet one that ensures the eyebrows always look natural and never overdone.

“The shape of an eyebrow can change the whole expression on your face,” she explains. “An eyebrow that is arched too high can make you look surprised all the time. An eyebrow that is too close together can make you appear to be squinting. The shape of the eyebrow should complement your eyes not overpower them. It should never be a focal point on someone’s face,” she adds.

Her technique for shaping includes trimming, waxing and tweezing. Utilizing all three allows her more freedom to customize and almost, in a sense, design the perfect arch.

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Wellington, who spent 15 years in Red Bank and currently works her magic at Alana’s Nail and Skin salon in Fair Haven, credits much of her success to experience, as well as an innate ability. “I consider myself an eyebrow artist because it has always come as a natural art to me,” she says. “Some people take classes and train with different techniques, but my skill just came natural.”

See for yourself. Wellington is currently offering new clients their first eyebrow shaping for free with coupon. Offer expires end of February.


Alana’s Nail and Skin
731 River Road, Fair Haven – 732-530-0161

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