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March 29, 2013
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Monmouth University’s Model U.N. Team Wins In Rome

To the Editor:

Monmouth University’s Department of Political Science and Sociology is proud to announce that the Monmouth University Model United Nations team of delegates recently represented The France Republic on various United Nations committees during their first trip to an international Model U.N. conference. The conference took place in Rome, Italy and this year’s theme was Millennium Development Goals: What do you want for your 2015?

Of the 1,200 delegates that participated in Model U.N. Rome, only 40 are honored altogether and the Monmouth University team was honored six times within the following categories: best delegate, outstanding delegation, and distinguished delegation. The team consisted of delegates Andrew Bell, Tyler Breder, David Goldenthal, Aziz Mama (Head Delegate), Katelyn Nawoyski, Miriam Peguero and Matthew Sangster, all representing.

The Monmouth University Model U.N. team is comprised of more than 30 members representing about ten different majors. The team is open to all students, and no experience is required. The second Model U.N. team of delegates represented Belgium at the Model U.N. conference in New York, March 24 to 28.

Thomas Lamatsch, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor
Monmouth University Model U.N.


Call for Early Voting Legislation

To the Editor:

Early voting expands democracy, respects voters and brings greater accountability to our system of voting in New Jersey. Last year, the democratic process was compromised by Hurricane Sandy, causing some localities to put last-minute measures into place, which accounted for nearly 250,000 less votes than the last presidential cycle. This bill will give New Jerseyans 15 more days to vote, which increases voter participation and takes into consideration the busy lives, job schedules and responsibilities of our community members. Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. (WFUNJ) calls on Gov. Christie to stand up for democracy and sign this very important legislation.

Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. is a statewide grassroots coalition consisting of labor, religious, community, civil rights, student, women and retirees groups collectively committed to building a better life for all working families in New Jersey.

We believe social and economic justice, in the workplace and our communities, are achieved by promoting good jobs, green jobs, quality affordable health care, workers’ rights and a state budget which reflects the economic priorities of the middle class. We recognize the value of public safety and emergency services, as well as many essential programs including special-needs student education, women’s health care services, and tax relief for middle-income families. We believe in policies that support middle-class families and lift up our economy simultaneously.

Charles Hall Jr.
Chairman of Working Families
United for New Jersey



Two River Moment

TRT Moment

This horse-drawn wagon ferried passengers between Red Bank, Fair Haven and Oceanic in the early 1900s.

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