Public Hearing Scheduled on Replacement of Aging Sea Bright-Rumson Bridge

April 28, 2016
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Officials will hold a public meeting on June 8 to discuss replacement plans for the bridge connecting Rumson and Sea Bright over the Shrewsbury River-Photo Courtesy Anthony V. Cosentino

Officials will hold a public meeting on June 8 to discuss replacement plans for the bridge connecting Rumson and Sea Bright over the Shrewsbury River. Photo by Anthony V. Cosentino

By Liz Sheehan

SEA BRIGHT – A public meeting is scheduled to be held on June 8 by the Monmouth County Division of Engineering to discuss the plans for the new Sea Bright – Rumson bridge that will be built to replace the one that now connects the two towns.

The existing bridge, also known as Monmouth County Bridge S-32, was built over the Shrewsbury River in 1950 and runs from Rumson Road in Rumson to Ocean Avenue in the borough.

The county has held several meetings regarding the proposed bridge since the project was first announced.

At that time, a statement was released by the county that said the bridge was being replaced “to improve its structural deficiencies and to maintain a critical transportation connection” between the boroughs, “as well as a flood evacuation route for the community of Sea Bright.”

“Due to its age,” the county said, “the existing bridge has deteriorated over time and routine maintenance can no longer address the deficiencies.”

The new bridge will be moved slightly south of the existing one, which will be used during construction of its replacement.

Frank Lawrence, an administrative aide for special projects for the borough, said Wednesday that no firm date has been given to the borough for the completion of the new bridge, but it has been placed tentatively at 2020 – 2021.

Borough Administrator Joseph Verruni said Monday that the route of the new bridge will alter access to the parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts, which is located directly to the south of the bridge’s exit and can be entered there. After the new bridge is in place, he said, motorists going to Dunkin’ Donuts and other businesses in the same strip will travel further south on Ocean Avenue and use an entrance that will be located between Rooney Park and Tommy’s Tavern + Tap.

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Two beach clubs on the east side of Ocean Avenue, the Chapel Beach Club and the Sea Bright Beach Club, will have to change the location of the exits from their parking lots because of the relocation of the bridge further to the south, he said.

Dominic Sequeira, one of the owners of the Dunkin’ Donuts, said he is concerned about the relocation of the bridge because it looked like “it will eliminate almost all of our parking. It could have a big impact on our business,” Sequeira said.

But he added that “nothing had been finalized.”

Rumson Borough Administrator Thomas Rogers said Monday that the county had kept the residents of the borough informed in the process of the planning of the bridge and addressed their concerns. But there are some people who do not want the bridge to be replaced, he said.

According to the NY/NJ Baykeeper, the first bridge was constructed between the two towns in 1870 and was rebuilt several times.

A place and a time for the June 8 public hearing has not yet been announced by the county.

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