Skywatch: Week of March 7 – 14

March 7, 2014
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By Flo Higgins

Because Pisces have such heavy emotional feelings, they sometimes try and bury them in a veneer of calm or outrageous behavior.

They usually fail in the coverup and their emotions show through.

This being the case when dealing with the Pisces person, you often can see just how they feel or you can tell when they are trying to avoid showing emotions.

This water sign needs time alone, especially when life is a challenge. Meditating, yoga and plenty of exercise are good remedies for Pisces. This helps them calm their inner voice and deal with their feelings.

This is the week of high emotions since it is just before the full moon in Virgo on Sunday, March 16. So watch it if you become involved in emotional situations. Add to that the fact four planets – Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and – have made a change in direction since the beginning of March and you have an adventure in the making. Planets changing direction often create a need to revisit projects not completed.

People born this week: Willard Scott, March 7, 1934; Adam Quinn, March 8, 1959;  Steve Wilkos, March 9, 1964; Chuck Norris, March 10, 1940; Rupert Murdock, March 11, 1931; Liza Minnelli, March 12, 1946; William H. Macy, March 13, 1950; and Billy Crystal, March 14, 1948.

Aries (March 21 to April 20) Look at your goals and realize how much time and energy will be involved if you stay with your original plan. It may be time to review your goals and discover how much you really need to change to make the money you want to make. Done now, it would be easy. Later, it would be a mess.

Use this time to swing into gear to get your next project moving. One thing you know is there will be some changes to make. You can’t ignore that need, but you can be prepared and completely ready for whatever happens. If you follow your heart and do what needs doing, you will be on easy street before you can turn around.

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Taurus (April 21 to May 20) If you have given your word to a pal and now wish you hadn’t, don’t back out. Because if you do, it will cause serious problems that you really don’t want or need. You might be able to compromise and remain BFFs. Otherwise, there could be a serious misunderstanding.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) If you are now thinking you have set yourself a program that is too hard, then you are wrong. Now that Mercury is direct you will see problems in a new way and clear them up. So, continue this work as it is and you will end up a hero both at home and work. Just keep your eyes on the final prize.

Cancer (June 21 to July 20) You are facing a new awareness of your needs and you should be happy about it. No more standing by and letting others overwhelm you with their needs. Instead, you are about to stand up and be heard. A good friend could help you far beyond your expectations.

Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) It is time to put your business plan on the table and see what direction your fellow workers take. After all, if they don’t like it, then it might be wise to reconsider and do more work. Once the added work is complete and you like it, move on it and succeed. It will work.

Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20) Your family responsibilities may seem demanding but try working it out. You need more time alone and less demands on your time off. Start thinking of your time as valuable and you will revise your schedule to meet your business demands. This might be a part of your new life goals.

Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) Don’t let memories of times past hamper what you want to accomplish now. Yesterday’s ideas – and a possible new relationship – could push you forward into a really intense future endeavor. Just keep in mind what you really want to accomplish and you will have it made.

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Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov. 20) Your latest career move will start to pay off more than you ever expected. That means you should keep your idea foremost in your mind and don’t be distracted by outside influences. Know you have the right plan that will work if you work. Don’t drop your present mental attitude. You are on the right track.

Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20) Your fundamental need right now is learning just how to be in a partnership without becoming overwhelmed. That task alone is a life lesson for fire signs. Use the Neptune influence now and be creative. It will take you far in your pending spiritual life.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) Letting go of the past and shedding anything you don’t really need is exactly what you need to do. You are making way for the future of your new career goals and should feel a delight concerning your new attitude. Keep a positive outlook and you will achieve your goal of improving finances.

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) As you head in a new, more demanding direction, be aware it is right for you now. Some of your longtime relationships are over, but the new folks coming into your life will match the new persona you are now developing. So smile and move on without complaints – if you can.

Pisces (Feb. 21 to March 20) Making adjustments is just what you need this week. Standing firm with your old ideas just won’t work anymore. So relax and let new people into your life. Then you will find yourself exactly where you want to be at this time in your life. Let Neptune do its work in a dreamy way.

Flo Higgins is an astrologer. Her email is

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