Kemp Avenue Residents Want Speed Limit Reduced

January 27, 2012
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FAIR HAVEN — Motorists had better prepare to drive more slowly as residents lobbied and police supported a call for a lower speed limit on one borough street.

Two residents at Monday’s Borough Council meeting asked the governing body to consider reducing the speed limit on Kemp Avenue, where they live, to curtail the speeding that, they said, put residents, especially children at risk.

“There are cars going 30,40, 50 miles an hour,” on their street, said Kemp Avenue resident Cathy Goldin.

Goldin and neighbor Dave Ferrara asked that the speed limit be reduced by five miles an hour, to 20 mph, the same as it is for other local roadways. “We think there is a valid point to lower the speed limit on Kemp,” Goldin said, offering the council a petition with approximately 50 names endorsing the speed reduction.

Borough police supported Goldin’s proposal. According to the police’s traffic safety officer, on average, vehicles travel at about 28.1 miles per hour, and cracking down on those doing three miles over the limit would be difficult to enforce.  Lowering it to 20 “gives it some teeth,” to stop speeders, the officer said.

Police Chief Darryl Breckenridge also supported the idea, saying, “This is a town with a lot of kids in it, a lot of pedestrians,” who would likely be safer with vehicles traveling at a slower rate on that street.

Borough Council Benjamin Lucarelli asked the borough attorney to draft an appropriate ordinance, which would be considered by the council at a later date.


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