Reader Likes Pedestrian Safety Law

September 10, 2015
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trtenvelopeI strongly disagree with the comments of the Rumson mayor and police chief in your September 3, 2015 issue. My observations have been the opposite of theirs.

Education is important, but nothing can beat enforcement! It is well-known that one should obey the speed limit in Fair Haven or risk a ticket.

Rather than bounding into traffic at crosswalks, people tend to hold back, because they know cars may not stop for them. On Shrewsbury Avenue we stopped to allow a family group to cross, but a fast-moving car behind us passed us on the left and nearly hit the pedestrians.

On Highway 36 in Sea Bright going south and on Highway 35, opposing vehicles frequently will not stop for pedestrians until our car stops.

Cars making a left turn from Pinckney form a double lane by driving in the yellow striped lane, which is illegal. I recommend that stanchions be placed in the middle of the lane, like the ones for the left turn lane south of Foodtown for cars going north.

Friends who belong to beach clubs have said that without the “stop” law they would never get across the highway. The law works well in shopping centers, e.g., by Trader Joe’s, where most drivers do stop.

You are doing a great service by working on the traffic problems.

Carolyn Schwebel


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