Shannon, Kevin

September 28, 2018
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In the early morning hours of Aug. 31, we unexpectedly lost Kevin Shannon, beloved son, brother, husband, nephew and cousin. Kevin was born to Andrea and Gene Shannon in Turnersville after numerous hours of labor.

He began his life with the reading of children’s stories read to him by his maternal Nan to the point he knew every word. He was often seen riding in his car seat attached to his Dad’s motorcycle or cruising in his own motorized jeep around the neighborhood. His love for “He Man” will also be remembered by thrusting his sword down the back of his T-shirt and bellowing “He Man” and stretching the neck out of every shirt.

Kevin will be remembered by the FBI agent class for his loud notification of “That’s my dad,” clapping and cheering during his father’s graduation ceremony in Quantico, Virginia at the age of 4. This is just one example of his bold, robust personality that began at such a young age and stayed with him his whole life.

Kevin’s self-determination showed early on when at 5 he decided he was running away from home and going to Chicago which he thought was three blocks away. He was ready to march out of the house with confidence when his mom stopped him in his tracks to remind him that he had to leave his toys and clothes behind since she owned them.

He then changed his mind and stayed home.

Kevin enjoyed being a part of MYAA Middletown Roller Hockey in which he skated with the grace of a gazelle. Kevin enjoyed many other interests like swimming, darts, billiards, bowling, playing cards and chess, wrestling, video games and especially his love for music, which was very deep and wide-ranging. He often led discussions of beliefs of ancient aliens visiting the earth and walking among us with overwhelming adjoining details, which were hard to contradict.

Sorrell, Richard, Age: 74, Massena, New York

Kevin gave himself fully to his friends and was always there for a friend in time of need.

Kevin suffered with the loss of some close friends and an addiction but did not want his family and friends to look upon him in that light. He suffered many pains but had begun his climb back to a stable and wholesome life this year. He had a great day last Thursday working outside with his mom and ordering Chinese food and watching Chicago PD on television, their favorite show to watch together, waiting for his dad to join them. He was happy and healthy and starting a new job working with a mason last Tuesday. He had so many great things in his life that he was looking forward to. Little did we know that it would be the last time we would see him alive.

Kevin’s smile and laugh would fill a room. He had an overwhelming desire to always make others happy and do whatever was needed to ensure that everyone around him was happy as well. The love and friendship Kevin gave to others was lim- itless, as shown by the endless amount of loving and grief-filled comments received after his passing. We know that his loved ones who left before him are welcoming him into their hearts and taking very good care of him. We will miss him dearly. Rest in Peace Kevin.

Kevin reposed at the Evergreen Memorial Funeral Home, Middletown, Sept. 7 and 8. A Prayer Service took place Sept. 8. Private cremation followed.

Carroll, Mary Lou, Age: 84, Middletown

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