The Year Of Samples

January 27, 2012
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By Kathy Miele

I was on one of my marathon phone calls with my sister, Liz where we talk about everything and anything. While I was chatting with her I was wandering around my house rearranging closets and drawers with the cell phone nestled into the crook of my shoulder. I had just finished my linen closet and was working on a drawer in my bathroom when I had my great idea.

“I can’t believe how many samples I have of shampoo, makeup, soaps and lotions. I bet I have enough of these little bottles to last me an entire year!”

“You have that many?” Liz asked.

I looked at the collection I was gathering on the bathroom vanity. “By the looks of it I’ve been collecting these things for years!”

“Can they still be good?” she asked.

I examined a few of the products. “I don’t see any expiration dates on them,” I told her. I began grouping them into categories. “I definitely have enough shampoo to last more than a year. The same goes for conditioners.”

I went back to the linen closet where I’d left more of the goodies and began pulling out the little bottles tucked in the back of the closet. “You have to see how much hand cream I have!”

Liz must have heard the glee in my voice. “That’s great,” she said. “But where did you get so many of them?”

I began looking at all the different labels. “I see a lot from hotels.”

“Well, everyone brings a few of them home with them,” Liz reasoned.

“Exactly my point!” I agreed. “They give you so many, how can anyone resist taking a few home?” I explained. “I always think the scent of the different lotions will remind me of the great trip we took.”

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To prove my point I opened one of the bottles and put it up to my nose. Closing my eyes I inhaled the delicate scent of flowers. “Ahhh…Disney.”

Liz started to laugh while I began collecting a new pile with just makeup. “I think I’ve got my year’s supply of makeup too,” I announced.

“How’d you collect that much?”

“I never buy my makeup unless they’re having a ‘buy with a gift’ sale.” I began stacking up small compacts of blush, tubes of concealer and enough lip gloss to last more than a year.

“Why didn’t you use them as soon as you got home?”

“That’s a good question,” I said as I stared at the amount of items I’d collected. “I guess I was always saving them for a special treat.” I began putting them away in their new categories.  “This is the year I’m going to treat myself!” I announced.

I could hear Liz moving things around in her cabinets. “You know, I have dozens of little samples myself,” she said.

“Great! Are you going to have a year of samples, too?”

“No, I know I’ll never use these,” she admitted. “But I’m putting them all in a bag right now so the next time I see you I’ll add them to your collection.”

“Oh…well thank you.” I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed that she wasn’t

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