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September 21, 2012
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Kyrillos is a Special Man to Consider

To the Editor:

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or whatever, I believe that you and I, we, have a candidate running for election who deserves some serious consideration for the honor of receiving our vote, and our support, regardless of how we might or might not normally vote along party lines.

He is certainly not the stereotypical politician who only sings the party line. He is resilient in his thought process. He genuinely respects and listens to everyone’s opinion, regardless of their political affiliation, and incorporates those opinions into his own decision making process. He is his own man and nobody’s tool – or fool. He is a humble, personable man who genuinely cares about each and every member of his constituency. He even cares about those who don’t agree with him in the course of the legislation process, and is consistently successful in reaching across the aisle to show respect for the thoughts of those opposing his own. He brings people together and he gets things done.

He is a moral man who is a role model for decency for our children to see and hopefully emulate. And he is a staunch, dedicated family man.

He is Joe Kyrillos, candidate for U.S. Senator, and he not only deserves our support – he has earned it!

What’s not to like about this man? He is everything anyone could possibly want in a U.S. Senator.

Imagine if we had a Washington, D.C., filled with representatives of the moral fiber and decency of Joe Kyrillos. Do you think we might get a few more things done in a cooperative, bipartisan way instead of this ongoing political deadlock that is killing us for the want of bringing our thoughts and ideas together to a point of fruition for the betterment of our country and our children’s future?

You may be on the same page with me already, maybe not. But if you are not, then I am simply asking you to open your own mind to process and explore what I have said about this man. He deserves that consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I just think that Joe is a special man, and, if you have not already, I hope that you will take the time to consider and explore what he is all about.

Lawrence W. Roberts
Little Silver


M’town Needs to Take ‘Serious Action’ to Avoid Harassment

To the Editor:

Middletown recently settled a racial harassment discrimination lawsuit by one of its own police officers for $300,000, of which the town must pay $70,000. The township attorney stated that the officials would be reviewing their discrimination policies and procedures.

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A few years ago, while chairperson of the Human Rights Commission, I experienced disability discrimination by the township. As part of my settlement the township was supposed to review discrimination policies and train employees.

It is way past time for Middletown officials to take serious action to ensure a harassment-free environment for all employees. The logical action would be for the Middletown Human Rights Commission to help the Township Committee review its discrimination policies and train employees.

But wait, the MHRC has been decimated, reduced to four of the required 11 members and is nearly defunct! The remaining members have only met once since December.

If the MHRC were allowed to do its job, these expensive lawsuits and cash settlements could be avoided.

Carolyn Schwebel


Support the Visually Impaired at Oct. 13 Auto, Motorcycle Meet

To the Editor:

Every minute, a child somewhere in the world becomes blind, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2011, WHO reported that 285 million people are visually impaired. Of that number, 39 million are completely blind, and 246 million have moderate to severe visual impairment. The WHO has also predicted that by the year 2020, the numbers could increase to as many as 75 million people worldwide who are fully blind. The statistics are startling and staggering.

The New Jersey Blind Citizens Association (NJBCA) is a non-profit organization that offers advocacy and support services for the blind and visually impaired. For 102 years, NJBCA, the oldest organization in the state serving those with vision problems, has provided educational programming and training in a comfortable social setting at Camp Happiness, the main headquarters located in the Leonardo section of Middletown.

Members participate in diverse activities during the day – including the art therapy program, the gardening program, physical fitness sessions, special interest groups and lots of other activities – designed to enhance and improve their quality-of-life through information and socialization.

The services are critical and crucial for those who are dealing with the issues surrounding loss of vision.

In order for NJBCA to continue the level of services and support offered to increasing numbers of blind and visually impaired individuals, the organization will host the 7th Annual Auto Show & Motorcycle Meet on Saturday, Oct. 13. One of the largest annual fundraisers for the 102-year old charity, the event will be held from noon to 4 p.m. in the Middletown Shopping Center, located at the corner of Route 35 north and New Monmouth Road. The rain date is Sunday, Oct. 14.

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All classes of vehicles including classic, stock, custom, antique, hot rod, collector, luxury, and imports are welcome, including trucks and motorcycles. The entrance fee is $12 for preregistered vehicles and $15 for vehicles who register at the show. Preregistration of three or more vehicles at the same time is $10 for each vehicle.

Vehicle registration forms are available on the NJBCA website at www.njbca and should be sent to NJBCA prior to Oct. 1. Our address is 18 Burlington Ave., Leonardo, NJ 07737.

Business sponsorship is available at levels ranging from $100 to $300 and includes half or full-page color advertising in the event journal, recognition at the event, mention in the post-event press release, inclusion in post-event social media posts, and a logo and link on the NJBCA website. Gold-level sponsorships for $300 also include two free show car spaces at the event and a trophy or plaque awarded in the company name. Vendor spaces are available for only $50.

Additional opportunities for advertising and in-kind sponsorships are available. Donations of gift certificates and gift cards are especially needed and will be acknowledged in the event journal.

Volunteers are also needed on the day of the show to assist with registration, 50/50 sales, and site management and planning.

The fun, family event attracts thousands of spectators from Middletown and the surrounding Monmouth County area in addition to car and motorcycle aficionados from around the state. There will be activities for children including costumed characters, a 50/50 raffle, food vendors, business exhibitors, and musical entertainment.

Additional information is available by contacting me at 732 291-0878 or by email at director@njbca.org; event Chairperson Robert Guijarro at 908-930-3965 or thegifans@aol.com; or event coordinator Craig Finnegan at 732-856-2821 or tfinn58810@aol.com.

Lori Anne Oliwa


Two River Moment

It’s fall and football season is already in full swing at area high schools. Here is a photograph from 1914 of the Rumson High School team, leather helmets and all. This photograph is courtesy of Dorn’s Classic Images.

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