The Future of Horseracing and Monmouth Park Racetrack

December 23, 2011
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An Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie


Dear Governor Christie:

I am writing to you to express the concerns of the nearly 6,000 residents of the Borough of Oceanport with respect to the future of Monmouth Park Racetrack and thoroughbred horseracing in New Jersey. Oceanport shares your goal of “creating a sustainable industry structure to preserve live horseracing and reinvigorating horseracing in New Jersey.” Setting the recent impasse in negotiations aside; we believe the ability to achieve this goal is within reach. Our very community hangs in the balance.

The uncertainty with Monmouth Park adds significantly to the burden already carried by local taxpayers, business owners, and job seekers following the recent closure of Fort Monmouth. The hardships facing a middle class community are many but these dual challenges facing Oceanport are uniquely difficult. For our part, the Oceanport governing body has embraced the leadership you’ve shown by curtailing municipal spending, meeting two percent cap requirements, initiating Tool Kit items locally, holding the line on salaries and implementing staff reductions through attrition and effective shared services. Meeting these challenges hasn’t been easy but we have been guided by your mutual commitment and ours, to the people we serve.

We have partnered with the NJSEA before and successfully protected the environment. How can Oceanport help now? The governing body and the Monmouth Park Task Force stands ready to support your efforts, and the efforts of those who share your vision, to provide for a sustainable industry structure to preserve live horseracing, here at Monmouth Park Racetrack. The Borough extends our resources and commitment to resolve the current differences in an atmosphere of trust. We further offer to participate in the negotiations and provide a vehicle for transition to a new model of sustainability. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this specific option in further detail with your team.

I am reminded of your visit for the Haskell and the “I Love Oceanport” button in proud view on your lapel. I look forward to welcoming you back to Oceanport and hosting your next visit to Monmouth Park Racetrack as we celebrate your success and accomplishments.

Michael J. Mahon


Borough of Oceanport

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